Product No. KKMW18

Ultrasound Guided PICC Training Simulator

A simulator for comprehensive hands-on training in peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line insertion and removal under ultrasound guidance.



  • Excellent image quality and image of the needle tip
  • Replaceable puncture pads


  • Palpable ribs and right clavicle allow measurement of catheter length as well as providing anatomical understanding of correct PICC tip location
  • Anatomically correct bifurcation of the vein in the upper chest provides realistic resistance of its outer walls and allows simulation of complications such as incorrect insertion of the catheter into the jugular, thoracodorsal or subclavian vein.
  • Realistic ‘flash-back’ confirms successful venous access


  • Movable shoulder for training in correct positioning of the arm

Skills Gained

  • Patient positioning
  • Puncture site selection
  • Ultrasound-guided venous access
  • Seldinger technique
  • Peel-away cannula technique
  • Advancement of the cannula into the SVC
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    Puncture Pad for Ultrasound Guided PICC Training Simulator

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  • 10 Simulated blood sticks (swab type)

    10 Simulated blood sticks (swab type)

  • Male upper torso with the right arm

    Male upper torso with the right arm

  • Syringe


  • Jar


  • Instruction manual

    Instruction manual

  • Storage case

    Storage case



Family Medicine

AAFP Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents Urgent and Emergent Care (2016, p. 8): In the appropriate setting, the resident should demonstrate the ability to independently perform or appropriately refer the following: ... b. Central venous access (e.g., jugular, femoral, subclavian)