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Chester Chest™ Advanced Arm - Lightly Pigmented Skin

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A replacement arm for Chester Chest (VTA2400) or an upgrade to earlier models  has a dual lumen 5Fr PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) exiting the basilic vein from the inner bicep area, which is currently the preferred placement.



  • Pre-positioned 20g IV Catheter in the forearm (probably this one should go first or second in list)
  • Simulated blood reservoir bag in the arm to permit the practice of "blood" withdrawal and fluid infusion


  • Arm can be rotated and extended when accessing the PICC or peripheral port


  • Basilic vein slightly raised for easy identification.

Skills Gained

  • Blood withdrawal
  • Fluid infusion
  • Cleaning
  • Dressing application
  • Securing devices 
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    Chester Chest™ Advanced Arm - Lightly Pigmented Skin

    Product No. VTA2386

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  • IV Catheter in arm

    IV Catheter in arm