• NEW Microvascular Anastomosis Trainer
    Practice microsurgery techniques on our new Trainer.
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  • NEW Perineal Repair Trainer
    Meet our refined Perineal Repair Trainer which utilises an innovative fabric design.
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Discover the AirSim Difficult Airway Trainers

TruCorp Difficult Airways

We are Limbs & Things

We make medical task trainers and simulators. Since 1990, our products have been enabling healthcare practitioners to become more competent and confident professionals.

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Ranges of ways to learn

We've carefully curated our product into specific ranges to allow you to learn the specific skills you need to succeed.

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Anatomically Accurate. Procedurally Correct.

We combine medical experience, design expertise and innovation to create models that are renowned for being anatomically accurate and procedurally correct.

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