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Male Catheterization Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

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Skin Tone:

The Male Catheterization Trainer allows trainees to learn urinary catheterization techniques specific to the male anatomy. The trainer meets the guidelines for preventing CAUTI through teaching aseptic insertion techniques.

Latest updates to the male catheterization simulator have improved realism of the anatomy and feel during procedures. This includes:

  • Increased mobility of the penis, giving more realism when inserting the catheter
  • A retractable and removable foreskin, to learn how to manage the foreskin during catheterization
  • An updated urethra allowing for more realistic difficulty levels when threading the catheter



  • More robust design means longer lasting models, keeping on-going costs lower
  • Ability to view catheter path when modules are used outside of the Pelvic Shell
  • Improved Water System
  • Softer, more realistic male anatomy
  • Improved internal anatomy to allow for smoother insertion of catheter into the bladder


  • Supple urethra & resistant sphincter providing realistic response
  • Anatomically accurate bladder
  • Flaccid penis with a removable foreskin for realistic male catheterization
  • Increased mobility of the penis gives a more accurate representation of inserting the catheter


  • Modules are removeable and easily interchangeable
  • Module comes with removeable foreskins
  • Ability to view the path of the catheter during procedures
  • Non-drip valve
  • Reusable double-sleeve catheter packaging is supplied for teaching aseptic technique
  • Syringe supplied with water-based lubricant to simulate proprietary local anaesthetic ge


  • Drain all water from the product
  • Remove all catheters from the trainer
  • Clean product surface with soft, damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Allow trainer to dry completely before storing


  • Components of the trainer are latex free
  • Foley Catheter supplied is made of silicone coated latex
  • Use supplied Milton Antifungal agent to sterilize water
  • Always deflate the balloon before removing a catheter
  • Only use mock gel that’s supplied with the catheterization simulator
  • Use lubricant when inserting the catheter

Simulated Patient

  • Can be used with a standardised patient to help improve communication skills


Male anatomy:

  • Pubic bone
  • Realistic meatus
  • Flaccid penis
  • Foreskins (removable)

Skills Gained

  • Correct handling of male anatomy
  • Aseptic catheterization technique
  • Withdrawal of catheter
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Fluid management
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Package Supplied Light Dark
Male Catheterization Module 60855 60874
Pelvic Shell & Stand 60864 60881
Catheterization Foreskins (x3) 60859 60878
Water System 60863
Aseptic Catheterization Sleeves (x2) 60862
Lubricant Gel with Syringe 60891
Antifungal Agent (Milton) 50185
Water Extension Tubing 60867
Plastic Kidney Dish -
Size 14 French Foley Catheter -
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Undergraduate Medicine

"Bladder catheterization (male & female); Bladder catheter maintenance (incl. infection surveillance; Emergent suprapubic cystostomy." AAMC Clinical Skills for UME, 2005, p. 30.

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