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    Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer

    One in ten women globally are affected by breast cancer. Put another way, more than 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer occur annually worldwide.1

    11 October 2020

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    People Project - Meet Tim

    There’s an element of pressure attached to every role at Limbs. Our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures that there is a collective responsibility to get it right, first time. That element of pressure may not be more evident than with Tim Everett, our UK Despatch Team Leader.

    01 October 2020

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    Using approved Limbs & Things Products for ATLS skills stations

    Traumatic injury is a major global public health issue, accounting for more than 5 million deaths per year.

    17 September 2020

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    How Urinary Catheterization Trainers Can Save 13,000 Patients a Year

    Urinary tract infections are among the most common Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), accounting for 13,000 deaths each year. Even more concerning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximately 75% of all urinary tract infections are associated with the presence of a urinary catheter.

    02 September 2020

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    People Project - Meet Robyn

    Whilst a large proportion of Limbs & Things is based in the United Kingdom, it is important to recognize the tireless work that goes into making our subsidiaries a success. Each extension to the Limbs family features a close-knit team, which buys into the Limbs ethos. At the heart of the Australian team is Robyn Johnston, our Customer Service Manager for Australasia.

    01 September 2020

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    Number of Osteoarthritis cases increase as population ages

    According to a United Nations report published in 2017, there is a demographic transition occurring throughout the world. This phenomenon has been defined as population ageing, mainly due to improvements in survival rates and longer life spans, but also from a slight decline in fertility globally.

    25 August 2020

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    Simulation training for improving technical skills in obstetric emergencies

    In maternity care, most maternal deaths occur during the intrapartum period and most complications cannot be predicted. Timely diagnosis and appropriate response require considerable skill to prevent death.

    12 August 2020

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    C-Section section: Procedure, statistics and solution

    Cesarean delivery (also referred to as a C-section) is a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby through either vertical or horizontal incisions in the abdomen and uterus.

    03 August 2020

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    People Project - Meet Darryl

    Darryl Wicks is the longest serving member of the production team at Limbs & Things. Considering he started in 1996, he’s actually one of the longest serving employees across the entire business. In fact, it means that for 80% of Limbs’ existence, Darryl has been an integral part of the production team.

    01 August 2020

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    The Importance of Uterine Compression Sutures

    It is estimated that Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) may occur in up to 7.9% of women undergoing vaginal delivery and 6.75% of women delivering by cesarean section.

    15 July 2020

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    NEW Dark Skin Tones Available

    At Limbs & Things we have been working on widening our range of products that are available in dark skin-tones as well as light.

    13 July 2020

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    People Project - Meet Cat

    As we celebrate our 30th anniversary at Limbs & Things, it’s important to remember with who the business started with; Margot Cooper, a medical illustrator. 30 years on and medical illustration is still as key as ever as the innovations keep flowing. The medical illustration aspect now rests with Catherine, and it couldn’t be in a safer pair of hands.

    01 July 2020

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    Identification of labor stages through a Cervical Dilatation and Effacement module

    In normal vaginal deliveries, cervical dilatation and effacement occurs as part of the labor process. Effacement is defined as the thinning of the cervix, and dilatation is the opening of the cervix.

    24 June 2020

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    Importance of cervical cerclage to maintain successful pregnancy

    Cervical insufficiency (also known as incompetent cervix) occurs when the cervical tissue is too weak to maintain an otherwise healthy pregnancy. It is a rare condition, occurring in only 1-2% of all pregnancies and usually within the first 24 weeks.

    17 June 2020

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    Proactive approach to prevent maternal deaths from PPH

    Each year, more than 700 women die in the United States from pregnancy related complications; the highest number compared with other high-income countries. Over 77% of these cases are related to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).

    12 June 2020

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    Supporting training for obstetric emergencies with the PROMPT Flex Range

    Shoulder dystocia is an unpredictable emergency complication that occurs during a vaginal delivery. Although in most cases the baby is safely delivered, where shoulder dystocia is not managed correctly it can lead to serious issues that can be detrimental to the health of both the mother and the baby.

    04 June 2020

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    People Project - Meet Rob

    Rob is one of our Mechanical Design Engineers. It’s a role that sees him and his fellow engineers act as the glue between Operations and Research & Development (R+D). It’s a time-sensitive role, which has its challenges but a position that proves to be extremely rewarding when a project is completed, and a new product is born.

    01 June 2020

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    People Project - Meet Natalie

    It’s been three years since Natalie joined the Limbs & Things family. Initially joining as a temporary member of staff to facilitate Limbs INC’s relocation, Natalie has grown into a role where she is indispensable to the global operation.

    30 April 2020

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    Free Suture Tutor (Single User) Access

    During the Covid-19 global pandemic, we understand that your learning programs have been disrupted.

    17 April 2020

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    New Product Range: Perineal Repair and Episiotomy

    Our new Perineal Repair and Episiotomy Range is now available to purchase on our website. The range provides a tool for clinicians to repeatedly practise perineal repairs and the technique of episiotomy, using a variation of different blocks and modules.

    03 April 2020

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    People Project - Meet Dave

    On March 4th 2002, Dave embarked on his first day at Limbs & Things. Plenty of things have changed since then, but Dave still comes to work with the same attitude and smile that he did 18 years ago. Sitting in his impeccably tidy workspace, he beams: “I still enjoy every minute.”

    31 March 2020

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    Care and cleaning of L&T products

    With the outbreak of COVID19 many of our customers have requested more information about how to use and store our products safely

    24 March 2020

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    Meet us virtually

    In order to avoid the further spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus, we will not be offering face-to-face demonstrations of our products for the foreseeable future.

    19 March 2020

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    New duo of TruCorp Products

    We are pleased to announce the arrival of two new TruCorp products on our website. Available now are the TruBaby X and TruNerveBlock trainers, which allow trainees to practice different skills in areas such as pediatrics and anesthesia.

    28 February 2020

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    New Android update for PROMPT Flex App

    A new update for Android users with the PROMPT Flex App is now readily available on the L&T website.

    03 February 2020

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    2020 Catalogue Available to Download Now

    Our 2020 catalogue is available to download now, where you'll be able to find a full list of our products and ranges.

    31 January 2020

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    New product range: Catheterization Trainer Range

    Limbs & Things improved Catheterization Trainer Range facilitates the teaching of urethral and suprapubic catheterization for all levels of training.

    07 November 2019

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    Margot Cooper wins the Innovation Award at Top 50 Most Ambitious Leaders

    LDC Top50 Judges presented our founder with the Innovation Award, specifically highlighting her ambition to transform a sector using fresh-thinking and bold ideas.

    14 October 2019

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    Margot Cooper among Top 50 Most Ambitious Leaders

    Great feature in Telegraph today. Margot Cooper is listed among LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders in the UK. The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders aims to celebrate exceptional UK entrepreneurs who inspire success.

    03 October 2019

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    New product launch: Shoulder Injection Trainer - Ultrasound Guided

    Continuing a long tradition of pioneering developments we are proud to be launching the first Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Injection Trainer.

    01 July 2019

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    Limbs & Things made it to top 100

    This Sunday saw the publication of The Sunday Times SME Export Track for SME companies. Limbs & Things has made it to the top 100. SME Export Track 100 ranks Britain's 100 small and medium-sized (SME) companies with the fastest-growing international sales over the latest two years.

    26 May 2019

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    New product launch: Lumbar Puncture & Epidural Range

    We are proud to announce the launch of the new range of products that offer realistic, repeatable and cost-effective training in the core skills of Lumbar Puncture and Epidural Anaesthesia for both palpation and ultrasound guided techniques.

    04 April 2019

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    New skin pad range — Now available to buy

    One of our most popular ranges, the improved Skin Pads feature a new, more realistic skin texture and unidirectional stretch to mimic the collagen in human skin.

    11 March 2019

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    International Clinical Skills Conference

    Will we be seeing you at the 8th International Clinical Skills Conference in May?

    14 February 2019

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    Erb’s Palsy - Better care at birth costs less

    Although births are generally safe in the UK, not all of them are as safe as they could be. The PROMPT Maternity Foundation have launched a video about Erb’s Palsy called Better care at birth costs less, that we were proud to sponsor.

    10 January 2019

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    New product launch: Male Rectal Examination Trainer

    Our brand new trainer offers realistic, repeatable training in the core skill of digital rectal or PR examination.

    15 November 2018

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    Margot Cooper, founder of Limbs & Things scoops the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

    On Thursday 13 November during the Gala Awards Ceremony in London, the winner of the 17th Lloyds Bank National Business Entrepreneur was announced as Limbs & Things founder Margot Cooper.

    14 November 2018

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    How can you best manage non-routine birthing scenarios?

    The PROMPT Maternity Foundation video series was designed to demonstrate how to best manage non-routine birthing scenarios.

    19 October 2018

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    Updated Privacy Policy

    We want to inform all our customers that we’ve made an update to our data Privacy Policy. At Limbs & Things we take your privacy seriously and we are committed to protecting any data that we collect concerning you.

    18 October 2018

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    Buy online - now available

    We are very pleased to announce that, along with the launch of the new websites, we are making online purchasing available for our UK and Australian customers.

    17 October 2018

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    New product launch: Shoulder Injection Trainer - Palpation Guided

    We're delighted to announce the launch of our new Shoulder Injection Trainer - Palpation Guided. Designed in collaboration with clinicians, this simple to set up trainer and companion app combines physical practice with the guidance of technology.

    01 October 2018

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    New Paracentesis trainer starts shipping

    This new addition to the Procedural Skills range fulfils a fundamental component of core medical training. Developed in conjunction with clinicians and trainers, Limbs & Things has created an anatomically accurate model for the training of both diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of paracentesis.

    30 January 2018

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    New products at IMSH 2018

    We will be launching new products, including the Paracentesis Trainer and the Compression Suture Uterus Module for the PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) this month in Los Angeles.

    08 January 2018

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    New ATLS 10th edition kit available

    Early next year, the 10th edition of the renowned Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course from the American College of Surgeon (ACS) will become available. The ATLS is now taught worldwide and gives medics a systematic approach on how to care for trauma patients.

    30 November 2017