New product range: Catheterization Trainer Range

07 November 2019

Limbs & Things improved Catheterization Trainer Range facilitates the teaching of urethral and suprapubic catheterization for all levels of training.

New product range: Catheterization Trainer Range

The fundamental procedure of male and female catheterization can be taught by using our interchangeable modules. The anatomically accurate models include a supple urethra and resistant sphincter, providing a closer-to-life training experience. The improved softness and more compliant genitalia enhance the realistic experience of catheter insertion. The ability to view the catheter path gives trainees and teachers real-time feedback on the location and progress of the procedure.

Standard Catheterization Trainer Set allows trainees to learn urinary catheterization techniques. The feel of the catheter passing along the urethra into the bladder corresponds closely to real life.

Advanced Catheterization Trainer Set is a cost-effective package ideal for teaching both male and female urethral catheterization, and suprapubic management. It has accurate urethral anatomy that is realistically soft and compliant. 

Ultrasound Guided Suprapubic Module is designed to practise the surgical procedure of suprapubic catheterization. The module can be used with ultrasound guidance, making this suitable for advanced levels of learning.

Both the Female Trainer and the Male Trainer are available as stand-alone products, in order to accommodate specific curricula and training schemes.

View Catheterization Trainer Range video here.