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Compression Suture Uterus Module - PROMPT Flex

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The Compression Suture Uterus module for the Birthing Simulator- PROMPT Flex is the ideal training solution for practicing all common types of Compression Suture (including B-Lynch, Hayman and Pereira) and ligating the uterine artery. Designed to be used with our Pre-Incised C-Section Skin, it can also be used with our mock blood to simulate vaginal bleeding.

Supplied as a pack of two, each uterus may be used up to 20 times each. The module is compatible with our Birthing Simulator - PROMPT Flex, which allows for the creation of multiple simulated labor training scenarios, and is an ideal training solution for all skills relating to both routine and emergency deliveries. The birthing simulator may be used for hybrid simulation as well as stand-alone bench top training.

Built with versatility and realism in mind, the PROMPT Flex birthing simulator features a realistic pelvic floor, articulating thighs for the McRoberts procedure, a stretchable perineum, flexible birthing canal, and optional lower legs to simulate birthing in an all fours position. PROMPT flex product care is simple, and is Latex free.

Other modules that work in conjunction with both PROMPT Flex Standard and Advanced include :




  • Represents a postpartum uterus 
  • Includes uterine arteries, uterine veins and broad ligament 


  • Multiple uses when conducting a compression suture
  • Supplied as a pack of 2, each uterus can be used up to 20 times

Skills Gained

  • All common types of Compression Suture including:
    • B-Lynch
    • Hayman
    • Pereira
  • Dissection of the broad ligament
  • Ligation of the uterine arteries
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    Compression Suture Uterus Module - PROMPT Flex

    Product No. 80111

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    Birthing Simulator PROMPT Flex - Advanced (Light Skin Tone)

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Maternal Safety Bundle for Obstetric Haemorrhage: • #1 chromic or plain catgut suture & reloadable straight needle for B-Lynch sutures • Procedural instructions (balloon, B-Lynch, arterial ligations) • Surgical Management;Uterine curettage, placental bed suture, Uterine artery ligation, Uteroovarian ligation, Repair uterine rupture, B-Lynch suture, multiple square sutures, Hysterectomy Source: ACOG, Obstetric Hemorrhage: Key Elements; November 2015