Product No. 80121

PROMPT Flex Enhanced Baby - Standard - Light

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The PROMPT Flex Enhanced Baby - Standard is a full-term infant size model that has a close to life range of articulation in the shoulder and hip joints, allowing an accurate experience with both delivering and handling the baby.

The addition of flexion at the thoracolumbar region provides accurate training experiences and enhances realism in vaginal deliveries and c-section manoeuvres.

This product is available in a dark skin-tone (80221).



  • Improved and more realistic limb articulation
  • Correct anatomical landmarks for delivery
  • Versatile use for wide range of delivery types
  • Flexion allows for life-like manoeuvring 


  • Full articulated baby with umbilical cord 
  • Full term infant size


  • Can be quickly and easily used in conjunction with the Birthing Mother and C-Section module


  • Latex free


  • Clavicles, fontanelles, flexible head
  • Fully articulated
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    PROMPT Flex Enhanced Baby - Standard - Light

    Product No. 80121

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