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PROMPT Flex Caesarean Section Surgical Pads

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Surgical abdomen skin pads to be used with PROMPT Flex Caesarean Section Module (80103)



  • Pad dimensions: 305mm x 300mm x 40mm 
  • Each pad can be incised horizontally twice, by rotating the pad 180 degrees after the first incision
  • Includes a simulated bladder at the top and bottom of the pad


  • Allows realistic dissection using both sharp and blunt technique
  • All pad layers can be sutured
  • The skin layer can be closed using subcuticular or cutaneous sutures
  • To simulate bleeding - blood can be injected into the pad layers


  • To ensure ease of delivery, the underside of the surgical pad should be lubricated generously just prior to use


  • Surgical pad has following anatomical layers: 
    • Skin
    • Fat
    • Hypogastric vessels
    • Rectus sheath
    • Rectus muscle
    • Carietal peritoneum
    • Cisceral peritoneum
    • Bladder
    • Muscular uterine wall
    • Amniotic membrane
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    PROMPT Flex Caesarean Section Surgical Pads

    Product No. 80104

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    PROMPT Flex - Cesarean Section Module

    Product No. 80103

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