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Suprapubic Insertion (Ultrasound Guided) Unit (Light Skin Tone)

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Skin Tone:

The Suprapubic Insertion Unit can be used independently or combined with another catheterization trainer for a real to life simulation. This module allows for the practice of the surgical procedure of suprapubic catheterization and is made of echolucent silicone for ultrasound guided procedures.

What are the features of the suprapubic catheterization simulator?

  • Ultrasound bladder scanning – allows for ultrasound identification of urine present in the bladder, reducing risks associated with CaUTI
  • Ultrasound guided Suprapubic Catheterization – allows for advanced procedure training in Urology
  • Allows for the practice of Blind Suprapubic Catheterization



  • More robust design means longer lasting models, keeping on-going costs lower
  • Ability to view catheter path when modules are used outside of the Pelvic Shell
  • Improved Water System
  • Softer, more realistic anatomy
  • Improved internal anatomy to allow for smoother insertion of catheter into the bladder


  • New ultrasound bladder scanning aides in identification of urine in the bladder, reducing risks associated with CaUTI
  • Ultrasound guided catheterization allows for more advanced Urology training


  • Modules are interchangeable, and fit with the Male and Female Urinary Catheterisation models
  • Ability to view the path of the catheter during procedures
  • Non-drip valve


  • Drain all water from the product
  • Remove all catheters from the trainer
  • Clean product surface with soft, damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Allow trainer to dry completely before storing


  • Components of the trainer are latex free
  • Always deflate the balloon before removing a catheter

Simulated Patient

  • Can be used with a standardised patient to help improve communication skills 


  • Pubic bone
  • Rectus sheath
  • Anatomically accurate bladder

Skills Gained

  • Suprapubic catheter management on female anatomy
  • Blind and ultrasound guided suprapubic catheter insertion
  • Ultrasound bladder scanning on a full bladder
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General Surgery Specialist Training

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum, General Surgery, Jul 2013, p.63: Technical Skills and Procedures: Urethral catheterisation, Suprapubic catheterisation

Urology Specialist Training

Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Trainees

Emergency Medicine