The Importance of training in the roll out of a mass vaccine

15 December 2020

The COVID-19 virus has dominated our thoughts, actions, and routines for nearly a year now. The creation of a vaccine, prioritized for rapid distribution, is now ready for the masses.

The Importance of training in the roll out of a mass vaccine

However, rolling out the vaccine creates a substantial need for training related to intramuscular injection (IM) administration that ensures competence and confidence for those performing the injection. These skills, coupled with proper communication, can certainly help to alleviate any anxiety and discomfort felt by the patient.

The practice of mass vaccination is not a new concept, as many baby boomers will remember being vaccinated for smallpox after the World Health Assembly called for a global smallpox eradication in 1966.1 And, while the COVID-19 vaccine will not require a special needle or jet injector gun for administration, training people to properly perform an IM injection is crucial to ensure safety and infection control.

Learning curves are an established way of determining how many times a clinical skill or procedure needs to be practiced to accomplish mastery performance. When considering Intramuscular Injection, a study by Miri et. al (2013), concluded that “at least 7 to 8 performances of IM injection…are considered essential to attain students’ mastery”.2 Simulation training allows a learner to practice skills in a safe, controlled environment prior to performing procedures on patients. Through deliberate practice, the learner can achieve not only competency but also confidence in performing a clinical skill.

In response to the need for increased training related to vaccination administration facing us globally over the coming months, Limbs & Things is proud to offer our Vaccine IM Injection Trainer packs. We feel confident that these trainers will aid in the training of both healthcare and non-healthcare personnel to achieve mastery level for IM injection, allowing for unlimited practice in a safe environment prior to performing injections on patients.

If you are uncertain about how to train, the CDC has created a Skills checklist for the COVID-19 vaccine that allows for self-assessment as well as supervisor assessment of those being trained to perform the IM skill. You can download the CDC Skills Checklist for Vaccine Administration here.

To find out more about the Vaccine IM Injection Trainer pack, please contact our team.

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