Product No. STP-KIT

Suture Tutor Plus Hands-on Kit - Light

Skin Tone:

This Hands-on Kit contains the essentials for practicing suturing, knot tying, instrument handling and incision of skin.  

It can be used as a stand-alone teaching and practice tool or in conjunction with our Suture Tutor Plus Online learning course. See Suture Tutor Plus Pro Complete (STP-PRO-COM)

We have moved to a recyclable cardboard pack for this product.



  • Skin pad jig presents the skin pad on a curved, life-like profile allowing incisions to ‘gape’, as in real life
  • Advanced 3 layer skin pad gives realistic tissue response and is suitable for practicing a wide range of suturing techniques
  • Realistic tissue response and soft skin with a similar drag and strength to human skin
  • All layers have realistic retention of sutures


  • Allows for repeated practice of techniques


  • Skin Pad latex free
  • Sucker feet on the skin pad jig provide a stable, non-slip environment for practice when used on smooth work surfaces
  • Sutures and instruments are NON-STERILE and FOR PRACTICE ONLY

Skills Gained

  • Instrument handling
  • Planning and performing a skin incision
  • Tying safe and secure knots
  • Suturing techniques - interrupted, continuous, subcuticular, vertical and horizontal mattress
  • Suture removal
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  • 1 Basic Knot-tying Kit

    1 Basic Knot-tying Kit

  • 1 Pack of 10 Sutures (non-sterile)

    1 Pack of 10 Sutures (non-sterile)

  • Scalpel


  • Dissecting forceps

    Dissecting forceps

  • Scissors


  • Needle holder

    Needle holder