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Ultrasound Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model (Light Skin Tone)

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Skin Tone:

The Ultrasound Epidural & Lumbar Puncture trainer is designed to aid training in real-time ultrasound guided procedures.

What are the latest features that support ultrasound guided injections and lumbar punctures?

  • Spinous processes and Facet joints are visible under ultrasound
  • Ultrasound inserts can be used to practice marking landmarks
  • Multi-purpose stand allows for practice in both standing and left lateral positions

The Limbs & Things ecolucent material has been thoroughly tested to ensure its acoustic properties offer an experience as close to human tissue as possible*. and is compatible with most commercial ultrasound machines, including the SONON handheld imaging system.

As both a Lumbar Puncture and Epidural trainer, this model can be used to teach:

  • Loss of resistance technique
  • Paramedian approach
  • Threading an epidural catheter
  • Administering fluids

Augmented Reality is now part of the Lumbar Puncture range

The new ART Mats combine real world MRI and CT scan data, with the skills of talented medical artists and digital creators, to bring the internal anatomy of our trainers to life.

Within the L&T ART app’s digital environment, you can move around your task trainer and view various overlays, including: the musculature, organs and vessels, and skeletal structure. The interface allows you to move seamlessly between the layers, as well as view their cross sections.

Students are also able to view digital procedures in the AR environment to see how the procedure is done, and its impact on the patient’s anatomy.

*Human tissue has: a wave speed of 1540-1620ms & attenuation co-efficient of 0.5-5Mhz. Limbs & Things Ultrasound material has a wave speed of 1600ms & attenuation co-efficient of 2Mhz



  • NEW: Augmented Reality capabilities with the ART Mat
  • Durable lumbar tissue insert and duras are longer lasting, increasing life span and keeping on going costs down
  • Simulator gives a distinctive “pop” feeling when puncturing the dura during an ultrasound guided lumbar puncture procedure


  • Needle insertion possible between vertebrae
  • Ability to feel when the dura is punctured during lumbar puncture
  • Realistic rate of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can be simulated


  • All epidural and lumbar puncture inserts are compatible with the common base
  • Skin and duras can be rotated to extend their life span and ensure cost effective training
  • The stand provided allows for training in left lateral and sitting positions


  • Drain all fluid from the product when not in use
  • Clean lumbar puncture trainer with a damp cloth, using warm water and mild detergent
  • Allow trainer to completely dry before storing


  • This product is latex free
  • Use gloves while using the Ultrasound Epidural and Lumbar Puncture trainer
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling the Ultrasound insert
  • Please note: Fat Pads and Skin Pads are replacement parts for the palpation modules only, they are not compatible with ultrasound
  • When marking up the ultrasound block, it is recommended to only use the supplied marker pen

Simulated Patient

  • This product can be used with a simulated patient to develop communication skills


  • Palpable sacrum
  • Iliac crests
  • Lumbar vertebrae between L2 and L5 with spinous processes

Skills Gained

  • Performing procedures in a sitting and left lateral position
  • Identifying the iliac crests
  • Identifying landmarks under ultrasound – spinous processes, interspinous space and facet joints
  • Pre-puncture ultrasound mark up on the injection site
  • Real time ultrasound guided injection
  • Administering of local anaesthetic injections
  • Administering of therapeutic treatments, e.g. antibiotics or chemotherapy medication
  • Administration of an epidural
  • Collection and measurement of cerebrospinal fluid
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Product No.

What's included 61002 61000 61001
- Torso with Torso Skin Yes Yes Yes
- Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Stand Yes Yes Yes
61022 Water Reservoir Yes Yes Yes
61010 Lumbar Puncture Insert - Bone No Yes Yes
61011 Lumbar Puncture Insert - Tissue (x2) No Yes Yes
61012 Epidural Insert (x2) No No Yes
61013 Advanced Epidural Insert (x2) No No Yes
61014 Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Ultrasound Insert Yes No No
61015 Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Skin Pad No Yes Yes
61016 Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Fat Pad (x3) No No Yes
61017 Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Standard Dura (x2) Yes Yes Yes
61018 Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Advanced Dura (x4) Yes No Yes
61019 Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Iliac Crest Insert Yes Yes Yes
61020 Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Insert Cartridge Yes Yes Yes
61021 Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Sacral Insert No Yes Yes
- Marker Pen Yes No No

Equipment required for training (not included with this trainer):

  • Spinal needles
  • Manometer
  • Epidural kit
  • Large curvilinear probe
  • Ultrasound gel
Works With
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Undergraduate Medical Education (Preclerkship)

Recommendations for Preclerkship Clinical Skills Education for Undergraduate Medical Education, Association of American Medical Colleges, 2008, p.12

Undergraduate Medical Education

Anaesthesiology Residency

Internal Medicine Residency

Emergency Medicine Residency

Family Medicine Residency

Pain Medicine Residency


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