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BSS Day 1 Kit

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Basic surgical skills kit facilitating the practice of a range of tissue handling techniques.



  • Contains latex

Skills Gained

  • Knot-tying: one-handed reef knot, instrument tie, surgeon’s knot, tying at depth
  • Suturing techniques: holding/manipulation of needles, interrupted, simple and mattress, continuous, subcuticular
  • Skin lesions and LA techniques: excising a skin lesion, excising a sebaceous cyst
  • Hemostasis: clip tie, continuity tie, pedicle transfixion
  • Tissue handling - bowel: end-to-end interrupted sutures
  • Fine tissue handling: tendon repair
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    Double Layer Bowel 30mm Outside Diameter

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    BSS Lesion & Cyst

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    BSS Tendon Repair Trainer

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    Skin Pad Jig Mk 3

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  • Skin pad

    Skin pad

  • BSS Knot Tying Trainer

    BSS Knot Tying Trainer




ACGME General Surgery Milestones (p.8): This resident has basic surgical skills such as ... knot tying, simple suturing, suture removal... and is able to reliably perform basic procedures, including ... minor skin excisions.

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