Product No. TCAA91100X

AirSim Advance X

Skin Tone:

Designed to provide true, anatomically correct and visually accurate internal features to allow for airway management techniques.

The NEW AirSim X Range:

  • Softer, more realistic skin material for improved intubation
  • Improved articulation means less force required for airway view
  • Skin, nasal passage and airway can be replaced quickly and easily



  • Anatomically correct nasal cavity, with important landmarks such as the turbinates clearly defined
  • An inflatable tongue with real-life size and texture


  • Real feel skin covering for added realism
  • Realistic feedback during airway management procedures


  • Included adhesive pads can be attached to the suction cups to allow for greater stability


  • Cleaning instructions can be found in the product user-guide

Skills Gained

  • Double naso-tracheal intubation
  • Bag and Mask ventilation techniques 
  • Full range of supraglottic devices
  • Direct laryngoscopy
  • Endotracheal tube insertion 
  • Awake fiber optic examination 
  • Combi tube insertion


Product No.

Skills TCAA91100X TCCTC91100X
Double naso-tracheal intubation Yes Yes
Bag and Mask ventilation techniques  Yes Yes
Full range of supraglottic devices Yes Yes
Endotracheal tube insertion Yes Yes
Awake fiber optic examination Yes Yes
Combi tube insertion Yes Yes
Direct & video laryngoscopy Yes Yes
Needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy No Yes
Percutaneous tracheostomy No Yes
Naso gastric tube insertion techniques No Yes
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    AirSim Advance X

    Product No. TCAA91100X

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  • Adult lung bag set

    Adult lung bag set

  • Carry case

    Carry case

  • 2 sets of adhesive pads

    2 sets of adhesive pads


Product No.

What's included TCAA91100X TCCTC91100X
- AirSim Advance X model Yes No
- AirSim Advance Combo X model No Yes
- Adult lung bag set  Yes Yes
- Carry case Yes Yes
- Spare larynx inserts x4 No Yes
- Bottle of lubrication No Yes