Erb’s Palsy - Better care at birth costs less

10 January 2019

Although births are generally safe in the UK, not all of them are as safe as they could be. The PROMPT Maternity Foundation have launched a video about Erb’s Palsy called Better care at birth costs less, that we were proud to sponsor.

Erb’s Palsy  - Better care at birth costs less

Erb’s Palsy is an injury caused when the baby’s shoulder becomes trapped behind the mother’s pelvic bone, resulting in a nerve damage in the baby’s neck. It can have a lifelong effect on the child, but the injury can be avoided.

Because of simulation training in difficult child birth scenarios, Southmead Hospital in Bristol managed to reduce and eventually eradicate Erb’s Palsy.

By investing in evidence based maternity safety training, injuries can be prevented, and it will increase the life chances and the wellbeing of new born babies and their families, as well as reduce costs.

You can watch the video here or visit Erb's Palsy Group and PROMPT Maternity for more information.