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We've carefully curated our products into specific ranges to allow you to learn the right skills you need to succeed.

  • What's New

    What's New

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  • TruCorp - Ultrasound Task Trainers

    TruCorp - Ultrasound Task Trainers

    Limbs & Things are the exclusive supplier of TruCorp Ultrasound products through our network of global distributors. Find your nearest distributor, and find out more about the range.

    TruCorp - Ultrasound Task Trainers
  • Midwifery


    Maternity healthcare professional worldwide use this range for their training needs. It covers all levels of teaching, learning and skill maintenance.

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  • PROMPT Flex

    PROMPT Flex

    Developed with the PROMPT Maternity Foundation, this range allows for training in both routine and difficult birthing scenarios, at all levels of teaching, learning and skill maintenance.

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  • Joint Injection

    Joint Injection

    Designed to improve the training of soft tissue joint injection. Now includes our new Knee Aspiration and Injection trainer and our new Shoulder Injection Trainer.

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  • Paramedic Range

    Paramedic Range

    From patient assessment and basic care in years 1 and 2, to more advanced skills in year 3, this range covers essential training elements required for training paramedics.

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  • Physician Associate

    Physician Associate

    These products cover the broad set of skills required from Physician Associates.This includes: physical exams, diagnosing illnesses, care coordination as well as a variety of procedures.

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  • Undergraduate Medicine

    Undergraduate Medicine

    Designed to meet the core training needs and essential skills required at Undergraduate level.

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  • Advanced Practice

    Advanced Practice

    Nurses are increasingly extending their scope to work at an advanced practice level. The Advanced Nursing Practice both builds on, and adds to, skills common to all registered nurses.

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  • Nurse Training

    Nurse Training

    Nursing is at the heart of healthcare, and these products reflect the core simulation training needs required for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing.

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  • ATLS®


    This range offers a cost-effective solution to the simulation equipment needed for ATLS® 10th Edition makes it easy for training providers to deliver this course.

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  • OSCE


    It's important students feel confident and competent taking the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). These products are designed to train and test clinical skill performance for the OSCE.

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  • Physician Assistant

    Physician Assistant

    Designed to cover the broad set of skills required from Physician Assistants working in the US. Including physical exams, diagnosing illnesses, care coordination and a variety of procedures.

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  • EMS


    From conducting physical exams to performing procedures, these products cover a number of the critical training skills required from Advanced EMT and Paramedic programs.

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  • Ultrasound Range

    Ultrasound Range

    For the training in ultrasound guided procedures, this range is made of materials similar to human tissue, allowing trainees to practice advanced visualising or injecting techniques, while using ultrasound imaging for accuracy.

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  • Oncology


    Designed to support trainees in the diagnosis and treatment of various oncology conditions for improved patient comfort and safety.

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  • Standardized Patient

    Standardized Patient

    These products are suitable to use in conjunction with a standardized patient, to create a highly realistic training experience.

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