Product No. EO001

eoSim SurgTrac Core

$1,560.00 AUD Price does not include taxes or delivery

Acquire foundation laparoscopic skills with eoSim and the SurgTrac Core skills curriculum.

This laparoscopic trainer contains everything you need to get started:

  • Unique laparoscopic box
  • 3 laparoscopic instruments: ratcheted grasper, non-ratcheted grasper and scissors
  • Peg board with thread
  • Precision cutting board
  • Built-in high definition 1080p USB plug and play webcam
  • Built-in LED light strip
  • 1 year SurgTrac single user license

The SurgTrac software gives you 6 training modules that utilise the SurgTrac instrument tracking software and Core Curriculum to monitor and assess performance. Skills progression can then be tracked in your personal online profile.

You can track your progress against all SurgTrac users to gauge your skill level. (All data is anonymised.)



  • Durable laparoscopic training box
  • Supports 6 training modules through the SurgTrac software


  • Quick and easy set up and transition between tasks
  • Completely portable


  • When stored, ensure latches are fastened correctly
  • Do not leave sharp instruments (such as sutures) loose inside the box

Skills Gained

The Core eoSim includes 6 course modules that cover:

  • Precision cutting
  • Thread transfer
  • Paper clip untangle
  • Dice stacking
  • Paperfold
  • Peg capping

Additional hardware:

  • eoSim Laparoscopic Box
  • Peg board with thread
  • Precision cutting board
  • High definition 1080p USB plug-and-play webcam (built in)
  • LED light strip (built in)

Comes with a 1 year user license for the SurgTrac software.

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The SurgTrac App is available for download from the App Store or Google Play.

Technical requirements:

  • Operating system: Mac OS 10.10 & Windows 7 onwards.
  • Optimal Mac/PC hardware spec: Intel Core i5 processor & 4GB RAM
  • Architecture: 64bit only
  • iPhone 6 or newer & iPad Air 2 or newer (does not work on iPad Mini) - iOS 12 or higher
  • Samsung S6 (or equivalent) or newer

The initial purchase gives you a 1 year license, after this time, there will be an annual subscription.