Product No. KKMW10

Cardiology Patient Simulator "K" Version 2

This is the latest version of Kyoto Kagaku's flagship product, with a host of improvements based on customer feedback and the latest technology.

The life-size simulated cardiology patient facilitates comprehensive clinical examination training and is ideal for OSCEs, group sessions and scenario based simulation.

New features include touch screen technology, wireless educator control of up to 5 simulators, a playlist maker, improved mobility and an error indication system.



  • Dynamic charts of Electrocardiogram (ECG), Jugular Venous Pulse (JVP), Carotid Arterial Pulse (CAP) and Apex Cardiogram (ACG) can be displayed on the main screen
    • Each chart can be freeze-framed for in-depth learning
    • Case explanations for self-directed learning are also available
  • A playlist of up to 10 cardiac cases can be made from the 88 examples provided
  • Up to 5 simulators can be controlled simultaneously by one wireless touchscreen tablet
  • Error Indication System performs maintenance of the system to ensure the simulator is in perfect working order
  • Phonocardiograms are available to assist in learning heart sounds and murmurs


  • Heart sounds can be heard at the 4 primary auscultation sites (aortic, pulmonic, tricuspid and mitral)
  • Auscultation of S1 and S2 sounds can be learned in relation to the synchronized electrocardiogram, arterial pulses and jugular venous waves
  • Tracheal and bronchial breath sounds and abdominal movement can be heard
  • Pulsation of jugular venous waves can be observed on both sides of the neck

Skills Gained

  • Auscultation of heart and lung sounds
  • Inspection of left and right jugular venous waves and abdominal respiratory movement
  • Palpation of the pulse at 8 sites
  • Electrocardiograph (ECG), Phonocardiogram and Sphygmogram (CAP/JVP/ACG) monitoring
  • Table


  • Integral Speaker System Set

    Integral Speaker System Set

  • Integral PC, Keyboard and mouse

    Integral PC, Keyboard and mouse

  • LCD Monitor (27")

    LCD Monitor (27")

  • Control PC

    Control PC

  • 4 Textbooks

    4 Textbooks

  • Rib sheet

    Rib sheet

  • Cover


  • Instruction manual

    Instruction manual