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Birthing Mother - PROMPT Flex - Standard/Advanced

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Skin Tone:

Replacement birthing mother for the PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator Standard (80200) or Advanced (80206).

For training in all skills relating to routine and difficult deliveries. It can be used for both hybrid simulation and stand-alone benchtop training.




  • Articulating thighs for McRobert’s procedure
  • Mother can be placed in numerous positions.
  • Portable with incorporated handle
  • Inclusion of injection pad on the leg for intramuscular injection
  • Contains 3 equal length straps for anchorage if needed on bed or bench


  • Realistic pelvic floor
  • Stretchable perineum
  • Soft, flexible birthing canal
  • Tight vaginal wall to allow forceps blade to stay in position


  • Skin washable with soap and water


  • Latex free


  • Birth canal and cervix
  • Ischial spines and pubic bone
  • Gynaecoid pelvis
  • Articulating thighs

Skills Gained

  • Training and practice in the following types of birth: 
    • Normal 
    • Vaginal breech 
    • Shoulder dystocia 
    • Vaginal assisted (forceps and vacuum devices)
    • Third stage of labour
    • Cord prolapse
    • Urinary catheter placement
    • IM injection 
  • 3 bed straps

    3 bed straps

  • Carry case

    Carry case

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