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Clean Bleed™ Mat

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The brand NEW Clean Bleed™ Mat has been designed to support all simulation scenarios, with any brand of trainer where external blood or fluid loss is a key indicator and measure of the emergency being simulated.

This easy to setup and mess free product has the ability to create the impression of hemorrhages, such as postpartum, post-operative or gunshot trauma, through a controlled flow into a sealed mat. The flow into the mat is adjustable and can be easily managed, creating a realistic scenario where the trainee or clinician is able to identify fluid output, and respond accordingly.

Versatile and efficient, the Clean Bleed™ Mat can be used under or besides simulated patients, full body manikins or task trainers, in both an outdoor and indoor setting. After simulation, a two-way pump system ensures that the fluid can be pumped back into the reservoir provided, and the internal mat can be removed and rinsed for a hassle free simulation experience.

This product is available from April 2021.



  • Controllable blood flow (flow rates of between 50ml and 600ml per minute)
  • The flow of blood can be measured either visually, or by weighing
  • Easy set-up process
  • Provides mess-free simulation training
  • Suitable for use with simulated patients, task trainers and full body manikins
  • Quick release bag allows trainees to replace the bag quickly, as they would in a real-life scenario
  • Absorbent pad behaves as a chux pad would
  • Housed in a carry bag


  • Unique sealed blood flow, heightening the realism for simulated scenarios
  • High flows: vaginal trauma (including PPH or meconium fluid); abdominal, chest and neck trauma; loss of limb and post-operative bleeds
  • Low flows: head or peripheral trauma; post-operative bleeds; meconium fluid


  • Can be used in conjunction with SP, task trainers or full-body manikins
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings
  • Can be used to simulate a range of fluids
  • Portable and durable for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Bag allows for the use of standard sized chux pads (60cm x 90cm)


  • Latex free

Skills Gained

  • Visual inspection or body assessment
  • Identification and assessment of the speed and color of the bleed or flow
  • Assessment of the speed and relevance of trainee interventions
  • Quantifying blood loss (QBL)
  • Ability to initiate rapid transfusion protocol if hemorrhage is suspected
  • Use of PPE to protect against bodily fluids
  • Assessment of the ongoing patient condition and impact of prior interventions on the patient
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MEAC Curriculum checklist of essential competencies Post-partum haemorrhage: - manage postpartum bleeding and haemorrhage, using appropriate techniques and uterotonic agents as indicated - provide emergency treatment of late post-partum haemorrhage, and refer if necessary

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