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Advanced Venipuncture Arm Value Pack (Light & Dark Skin Tone)

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An ideal training pack for all levels of learning, the NEW Advanced Venipuncture Value Pack includes 4 Advanced Venipuncture Arm Trainers,  4 ACF Vein Modules and 4 Venipuncture Arm Skins. This cost-effective set includes two Advanced light arms, and two Advanced dark arms.

The Advanced Venipuncture Arm utilizes a pressurized pump and unique locking system to accurately simulate venipuncture, IV cannulation, and IV infusion training.

Our skin locking feature (patent pending) ensures the model is easy to re-skin whilst maintaining the lifelike palpability and haptics of the underlying basilic, cephalic, dorsal metacarpal and median cubital veins. Precisely mirroring a male right arm, the model effectively simulates real-life venipuncture occurrences, including blood flashback and the use of digital pressure to stem flow. Realism is further increased by the Advanced Pressurized Pump, which operates at a realistic blood pressure to provide trainees with a true-to-life and mess free learning experience.

The realistic arm skin and a new innovative vein gripping mechanism work in unison to deliver realistic and repeatable training, whilst a cost-effective modular vein system promotes ease of use and reduces waste.



  • Vein structures are now modular with a separate ACF vein and Metacarpal Vein, allowing for replacement of individual parts
  • New and improved skin-locking system (patent pending) improves arm re-skinning after replacing a vein module
  • New vein gripping system allows for easy re-fitting and positioning of veins
  • Advanced Pump System reduces internal leakage for a more user-friendly experience
  • Veins are palpable with realistic haptics for accurate clinical use
  • Infusion tube allows for intravenous fluids to be administered
  • Includes pressurized blood system


  • Arm provides a realistic blood flashback upon insertion of needle
  • Improved arm skin offers a more realistic look and feel
  • Veins in the metacarpal & ACF modules are palpable
  • Realistic representation of the antecubital fossa (ACF) and metacarpal regions
  • With the Advanced Pump, the advanced venipuncture arm operates at an accurate blood pressure
  • Gripping systems secures veins in a true-to-life position


  • Arm is compatible with vacuum blood collection systems, needles & syringe, and IV cannulas
  • Extended tubing allows for extra maneuverability in the classroom for use with a simulated patient


  • Flush liquid from the vein and fluid system before storing your product
  • Clean the skin surface with a damp soft cloth, using warm water and mild detergent
  • Allow skin to thoroughly dry before storing


  • Only use Concentrated Venous Blood supplied with the arms, or product numbers 00020 & 00021, other fluids may weaken or damage the venipuncture simulator
  • Use water-based lubricant to fit arm skin over the venipuncture arm base
  • Veins contain latex, however, these are covered by the silicone arm skin during procedures

Simulated Patient

  • Suitable for use with a simulated patient to test communication skills


Sites for peripheral venous cannulation

  • Dorsal metacarpal vein in the hand
  • Antecubital Fossa (ACF) vein in the arm

Metacarpal Vein Module anatomy 

  • Basilic vein 
  • Cephalic vein 
  • Dorsal metacarpal veins 

ACF Vein Module anatomy 

  • Basilic vein 
  • Cephalic vein 
  • Median cubital vein 

Skills Gained

  • Intravenous Cannulation in dorsal metacarpal and ACF sites
  • IV infusion
  • Venipuncture
  • Practice of aseptic techniques
  • Communications skills when using a simulated patient
  • 4 ACF Vein Modules

    4 ACF Vein Modules

  • 2 Venipuncture Arm Skins - Dark

    2 Venipuncture Arm Skins - Dark

  • 2 Venipuncture Arm Skins - Light

    2 Venipuncture Arm Skins - Light

  • 2 Advanced Venipuncture Arm Trainers - Light

    2 Advanced Venipuncture Arm Trainers - Light

  • 2 Advanced Venipuncture Arm Trainers - Dark

    2 Advanced Venipuncture Arm Trainers - Dark

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AAMC Preclerkship Medical Skills Venipuncture is listed on the foundation list of basic clinical procedures for the preclerkship student. Specific skills identified: • Insert needle at proper angle • Withdraw appropriate amount of blood • Withdraw needle and check for bleeding • Dress area appropriately • Dispose of needle appropriately AAMC Undergraduate Clinical Skills Also listed in Undergraduate skills: Cardiovascular: Venipuncture/Venous cannulation (needle, catheter)


Plebotomy Technicians

Nursing (LPN with certification and RN)