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Peter PICC Line

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Designed for practicing blind insertion, care and removal of peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) lines.



  • Replaceable translucent arm skin allows visualization of veins


  • Chin can be positioned to simulate occlusion of jugular
  • Palpable ribs allow measurement of proper catheter length externally


  • Veins contain latex


  • Anatomically accurate cephalic, basilic, median basilic, jugular and subclavian veins, and superior vena cava

Skills Gained

  • Identification of veins
  • Standard IV catheter placement
  • Placement and removal of PICC lines
  • Fluid infusion and withdrawal
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    Arm Vein Tubing Set for 'Peter' PICC™

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    Arm Skin Replacement ‘Peter’ PICC™

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    Muscle Tissue for ‘Peter’ PICC™

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    SVC Viewing Vial Replacement for ‘Peter’ PICC™

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General Surgery Training

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum, 2013 (Updated 2018) (p.82): I... Vascular access for parenteral feeding, including peripheral access, PICC and tunnelled or cuffed central lines or implantable ports