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Ear Examination Simulator II

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A life-size model of the ear including external acoustic meatus and tympanic membrane, for training in examination of the ear with an otoscope and foreign body removal. It offers 2 modes of use: instructor mode, which is particularly useful for OSCE or skills examination, and self-learning mode.

The model warns against painful insertion in the ear by beeping when in learning mode and displaying a warning light to the assessor when in instructor mode.

The instructor mode also indicates when the tip of the otoscope reaches the bony part of the ear canal (yellow light) or touches the eardrum (red light).



  • Warning against painful insertion with or without beep
  • 9 major clinical cases are prepared:
    • Normal
    • Serous otitis media (SOM)
    • Mucoid otitis media (MOM)
    • Chronic otitis media with perforation
    • Acute suppurative otitis media (AOM)
    • Cholesteatoma
    • Tympanosclerosis
    • Traumatic perforations
    • Cerumen block
  • Foreign body removal set supplied. Includes simulated earwax, small toys, small sponge fragments and a spoon


  • Ear model allows training in straightening the auditory canal by pulling the auricle
  • The neck can be tilted to allow proper head positioning


  • Examination possible on both left and right ears
  • Suitable for use with all otoscopes
  • 4 matching sets of right and left ears
  • 2 sizes of ear canal for all cases
  • Cases can be switched over easily by using the dial on the back of the mode


  • Head, neck and shoulders
  • Anatomically correct soft ear model with externalacoustic meatus and tympanic membrane

Skills Gained

  • Ear examination with an otoscope (not supplied)
  • Diagnosis of up to 9 cases
  • Earwax and foreign body removal
  • Carry case

    Carry case

  • 4 Pairs of ear units

    4 Pairs of ear units

  • Mannequin head and shoulders

    Mannequin head and shoulders

  • Set of foreign body removal kit

    Set of foreign body removal kit



Undergraduate Medicine

"Practical Skills and Procedures, General Medical Council, April 2019, p.4 Assessment of patient needs 4. Perform basic otoscopy and identify common abnormalities"

Postgraduate Nursing

Physician Associate


Postgrad FY1 FY2

GP Training