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Pitting Edema (strap on type)

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The Pitting Edema Trainer consists of five variations of pitting edema models, which offer different resistances, depth of indentations and length of time that the indentations remain on the skin.

The different grades of the edema are based on Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination, 7th Edition. The trainers can be applied to the lower thighs of a simulated patient or a training manikin.




  • Model can be strapped onto the lower thighs of a simulated patient or a training manikin
  • The five grades of pitting edemas, include a normal, light, moderate, deep pitting and a very deep pitting scenario
  • The removable fibula plate enables training without an attachment to a leg model



  • Soft, life-like materials with reality of actual patients

Degrees of pitting edemas:

  • Normal (no indentation left)
  • Light pitting (indentations with approximately 2mm depth)
  • Moderate pitting (indentations with approximately 4mm depth)
  • Deep pitting (veins, bones and joins are indistinct because of swell. Indentations with approximately 6mm depth)
  • Very deep pitting (indentations with approximately 8mm depth)


  • Clean the surface of the model with a wet, soft cloth and mildly soapy water or diluted detergent

Skills Gained

  • The ability to grade the edema based on Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination (7th ed.)
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    Pitting Edema (strap on type)

    Product No. KKMW1

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  • 5 Strap-on pitting edema model (1 piece per variation)