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Minor Skin Procedures Pads

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Set of 4 pads covering all aspects of suturing and minor skin procedures, for use with the Skin Pad Jig Mk 3 (00550)



  • Pad dimensions: L 125mm x W 72mm
  • Use with Skin Pad Jig Mk 3 (not supplied)


  • Latex free

Skills Gained

Depending on pad chosen:

  • Incisions: linear, ellipse, flaps, shaped
  • Subcuticular undermining
  • Simple and advanced interrupted suturing 
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Continuous suturing
  • Stapling
  • Use of adhesive strips
  • Snip excision
  • Shave excision
  • Curettage
  • Planning and marking out
  • Incising the skin
  • Sharp dissection
  • Blunt dissection
  • Removal
  • Closure
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Works With


Physician Associate

NHS National Practitioner Program: Matrix Specification for the Physician Associate (2016). p.41 Other Dermatological Conditions: ...Lipomas; Epithelia inclusion cysts

General Surgery Training