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Mediolateral Perineal Repair Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

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Skin Tone:

Limbs & Things’ new Mediolateral Perineal Repair Trainer gives support on key parts of Midwifery and OBGYN curricula around the world.

What’s new on the Mediolateral Perineal Repair Trainer?

Using an innovative design, the perineum of the trainer has been changed from silicone to fabric. What does this mean when using it during simulation training?

  • The new durable fabric construction increases the life span of the trainer
  • Changes to the anal muscle mean there’s no need for lubricant
  • Revised anatomy allows for increased accuracy during procedures

As well as improved value for money with longer periods between ordering replacement parts, the new model means less waste, and reduces time spent on set up.



  • Anatomically accurate model for teaching perineal suturing
  • Model represents a 2nd degree Mediolateral vaginal tear
  • Illustration pack representing each degree of perineal trauma


  • All essential layers of tissue can accept repeated sutures
  • Soft skin with a similar drag and strength to human skin


  • Can be used alongside PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator, by placing the trainer in front, to add further realism
  • Quick and easy to set up during training sessions
  • Clamps are provided to secure the Mediolateral Perineal Repair Trainer to the bench top
  • Trainer is compact and easily portable


  • Should trainer require cleaning, use a soft damp cloth on the plastic parts
  • Do not get material section of this trainer wet


  • This product is latex free
  • Do not perform procedures without the trainer securely clamped to a work bench or training station
  • Do not introduce liquid or gel to the trainer
  • Ensure care when removing sutures. Using small sharp scissors or a scalpel and take care to only sever practice sutures and not integral stitching

Simulated Patient

  • Perineal Repair Trainers can be used with a simulated patient
  • Used in conjunction with PROMPT Flex birthing models with a simulated patient


  • Vaginal mucosa
  • Hymenal remnants
  • Posterior fourchette
  • Perineal muscles (bulbocavernosus and transverse presented together)
  • Perineal epidermis and dermis
  • Anal mucosa and sphincter

Skills Gained

  • Recognition of internal anatomy
  • Tissue and needle handling
  • Perform mock infiltration (administering local anaesthesia, we recommend this is done “dry”, without fluid)
  • Deep musculature, subcuticular and superficial suturing
  • Repair of 2nd degree perineal tear
  • Pill rolling technique to determine classification of injury


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What's included 61141 61151
2nd Degree Mediolateral Perineal Repair Block (x2) 61146 61156
Perineal Repair Stand with Clamps 61109 61129
Perineal Repair Block Loading Handle 61110 61110
Perineal Repair Illustration Pack 61112 61132
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Undergraduate Training - Midwifery

The European Union and Article 40 (training of midwives) of Directive 2005/36/EU (Pre-registration midwifery): performance of episiotomy and initiation into suturing. Initiation shall include theoretical instruction and clinical practice. The practice of suturing includes suturing of the wound following an episiotomy and a simple perineal laceration. This may be in a simulated situation if absolutely necessary.

Obstetric and Gynaecology Training


Can this perineal repair trainer offer a real life training experience?

The Mediolateral Perineal Repair model has been designed to give a close to life experience when used in training scenarios. Whether used as a stand alone trainer, with the PROMPT Flex range, or a simulated patient, you can tailor make exercises for your needs.

Why does the Mediolateral repair trainer now have a fabric perineum?

Feedback on the previous silicone perineal repair trainer was that it was too difficult for procedure novices and that for early years learners, durability was more important than fidelity. The new fabric perineal blocks offer greater durability and life span during training, this means a reduction in waste and increased value for money.

What type of tear does the Mediolateral Perineal Repair simulator demonstrate?

Mediolateral Perineal models show an example of a 2nd degree perineal tear. Although not specified, as smaller tears usually heal by themselves, you could also use this trainer to repair 1st degree perineal tears. For more severe tears, this range also includes a model representing a 4th degree OASI (obstetric anal sphincter injury).