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Professional Abdominal Opening & Closure (AOCT) Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

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An advanced abdominal wall pad consisting of epidermis, dermis, fat and linea alba. This pad has a separate peritoneal layer and is mounted on a base for teaching all surgical access and closure techniques to the abdomen.



  • Abdominal wall is held under tension by a balloon which represents the intestines


  • Contains latex


  • 5 layered system represents the abdominal wall anatomy: epidermis, dermis, fat, linea alba, peritoneum.

Skills Gained

  • Insertion of a veress needle
  • Insertion of a trochar
  • Hassen technique
  • DPL techniques
  • Incisions: linear, ellipse, flaps, shaped
  • Subcuticular undermining
  • Simple and advanced interrupted suturing techniques
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Continuous suturing
  • Stapling
  • Use of adhesive strips
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    BSS Professional AOCT Pad

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  • BSS AOCT Frame

    BSS AOCT Frame

  • Base unit

    Base unit

  • 5 Balloons

    5 Balloons

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Obstetric Training

RCOG Core Module 5: Core Surgical Skills (p. 4). Core Module 5 Logbook....Open and close the abdomen

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