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Examination & Diagnostic Breast Trainer

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Our realistic, life-size Breast Trainer is the ideal platform for training in the examination procedures and diagnostic techniques required for clinical breast examination (CBE) and self-breast examination (SBE) techniques. This trainer allows for the teaching of benign cyst aspiration and the identification of pathologies, such as carcinomas and fibroadenomas.

The Breast trainer consists of a lightweight & compact base allowing for self-examination or table-top examination, and is easily portable.

To better simulate real-life scenarios the cyst volume can be changed by filling the reservoir attached to the underside of the breast using simulated breast aspirant



  • Lightweight and compact for self-examination and table-top presentation
  • Identification of multiple pathologies
  • Aspiration of variable sized cyst


  • Responds to gentle palpitation in an extremely lifelike way
  • Breast skin is realistic to touch
  • Aspirant released from the cyst is consistent with that seen in real-life scenarios


  • Variation in cyst size
  • Lightweight & compact for easy portability
  • Skin can be easily replaced with a breast skin replacement.


  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water


  • This product is latex free


  • Single anatomically accurate breast
  • Simulated carcinoma and fibroadenoma
  • Benign cyst

Skills Gained

  • Recognized clinical breast examination techniques
  • Aspiration of a cyst
  • Self-examination techniques

Diagnosis of pathologies:

  • Carcinoma
  • Fibroadenoma
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  • Rigid two-part plastic base

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Physician Associate

Competence and Curriculum Framework for the Physician Assistant 2012, p 12 and 23 2.3.5 ...Perform a physical examination tailored to the needs of the patient and the demands of the clinical situation, including ...breast examination ...The Physician Assistant should be familiar with the following patient presentations and should be able to manage and diagnose / refer appropriately: ...Breast problems (lump, pain, discharge, surface changes)


Postgrad FY1 FY2

General Surgery Training

Undergraduate Medicine

Postgraduate Nursing

GP Training

Clinical Radiology


Can the examination & Diagnostic Breast Trainer be used multiple times?
Yes, Multiple cyst aspirations can be done on a single breast trainer skin and cysts can be refilled using simulated breast aspirant.

Can the position of pathologies be changed on the Examination & Diagnostic Breast Trainer?
This particular product for breast examination only represents carcinomas and fibroadenomas in a fixed location. If you would like a more advanced product that allows for the randomisation of location along with variations in size and shape of pathologies we offer the Breast Examination Trainer in basic to advanced models.