Product No. 91001

LimbPAD for CaRE

The LimbPAD is a wireless stethoscope adapter that works with the new training model - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Examination Trainer, or CaRE for short.

Compatible with standard stethoscopes, the LimbPAD can listen to the 23 heart sounds and 10 lung sounds that the CaRE manikin contains.

This new wireless technology allows trainees to move around the patients, as they would in a real clinical setting.

How can the LimbPAD be used in the classroom?

Self study and solo training - The CaRE Trainer comes with one LimbPAD as standard, this allows students to practice on their own, or with supervision.

Tandem training - You can introduce a second LimbPAD to each CaRE unit that you have, increasing the number of students that can use the model at any one time, or, enabling to teacher to directly engage in training with the student.

Group learning - In larger classes, the LimbPAD can be connected to an external speaker (via a 3.5mm aux cord), and the audio can be played aloud to the class.



  • Designed for solo, tandem, and group learning
  • Compatible with standard stethoscopes and external speaks with a 3.5mm aux cord


  • Relays heart and lung sounds when used in combination with the CaRE Trainer
  • Wireless to allow students to move around the patient as they would in a real life setting


  • Compatible with standard stethoscopes
  • Compatible with external speakers (using a 3.5mm aux cord)
  • 2 LimbPADs can be connected to each individual CaRE Trainer


  • Do not submerge the LimbPAD in water

Skills Gained

  • Auscultation

Please note: this item is a LimbPAD ONLY, and does not come with a stethoscope.

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How long can I expect the batteries to last in these devices?

On a full charge we would expect the LimbPAD to have 8 hours of battery power. The unit charges through a USB-C cable (supplied), it will display a flashing blue light when charging, which turns solid blue when full capacity is reached.

Note: Although the devices will be delivered with a residual amount of charge, we would suggest that you charge them before your first use.

Why am I not able to hear heart or lung sounds through my stethoscope?

If you’re unable to hear the programmed sounds, we would advise you to look at the following things:

  • The stethoscope’s connection to the LimbPAD - the diaphragm of the stethoscope may not be properly connected to the LimbPAD, ensure that it’s inserted into the top of the silicone cover correctly and lays flat against the device
  • The LimbPAD’s connection to the CaRE model - the LimbPAD should be paired with the CaRE Trainer through the device, you will be able to see connected LimbPADs in the top corner of the user interface
  • Either the LimbPAD or the CaRE model may require charging

If you continue to have issues, please contact us for further help.