Product No. 70400

Clean Bleed™ Mat – Blood and Fluid Loss Simulator

The brand NEW Clean Bleed™ Mat has been designed to support all simulation scenarios. This product can be used with any brand of trainer where external blood or fluid loss is a key indicator and measure of the emergency being simulated.

Easily set up in as little as 2 minutes, the patented Clean Bleed™ Mat allows for a mess-free blood loss simulation. Accurately mimic a range of blood loss rates for a wide variety of clinical scenarios, including: post-partum haemorrhaging, post-operative wounds, gunshot trauma and arterial bleeds. With adjustable flow capability, realistic scenarios can be created based on the actions of the trainee.

The Clean Bleed™ Mat can be used in conjunction with any brand task trainers, full body manikins, or simulated patients, as well as being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For ease of use, this product comes with two lengths of tubing to allow for the fluid reservoir and pump to be placed further away from the training area.

The internal mat can be removed, allowing trainees to weigh the blood or fluid loss as they would in a clinical setting. Our mats are specifically designed to allow easy clean up, including a 2-way pump system that ensures the fluid can be pumped back into the reservoir for reuse. This means a cost effective, mess-free way of using blood flow to aid in diagnosis.


The blood used with this product now contains a new preservative which is approved for use by EU cosmetic regulations which means that, once diluted, it is safe for extended skin contact. 

We still recommend the use of gloves, as the pigments may stain skin and clothes.



  • Controllable flow rates of between 50ml and 600ml per minute for realistic blood loss simulation
  • Blood loss can be measured either visually, or by weighing
  • Simple and easy set up takes just 2 minutes
  • Provides mess-free blood loss simulation training
  • Suitable for use with simulated patients, task trainers and full body manikins
  • Quick release bag allows trainees to replace the bag quickly, as they would in a real-life scenario
  • Absorbent pad behaves as an chux pad would
  • Housed in a carry bag


  • Unique sealed blood flow, heightens the realism for simulated scenarios
  • Create high flow examples, such as: vaginal trauma (including post-partum hemorrhage or meconium fluid); abdominal, chest and neck trauma; loss of limb and post-operative bleeds
  • Create low flow examples, such as: head or peripheral trauma; post-operative bleeds; meconium fluid


  • The Clean Bleed™ Mat can be used in conjunction with simulated patients, task trainers or full-body manikins
  • Can be used to simulate a range of fluids
  • Portable and durable for use in both indoors and outdoors
  • Bag allows for the use of standard sized chux pads (60cm x 90cm)


  • This product is latex free

Skills Gained

  • Visual inspection and body assessment
  • Identification and assessment of speed and color of bleed or flow
  • Assessment of the speed and relevance of trainee interventions
  • Quantifying blood loss (QBL)
  • Ability to initiate rapid transfusion protocol if hemorrhage is suspected
  • Use of PPE to protect against bodily fluids
  • Assessment of the ongoing patient condition and impact of prior interventions on the patient
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    Clean Bleed™ Bag (x2)

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    Clean Bleed™ Absorbency Pad (x10)

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    Clean Bleed™ Connectors Set

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    Clean Bleed™ Fluid Reservoir

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    Clean Bleed™ Carry Case

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    Clean Bleed™ Pump

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    Concentrated Venous Blood - Refill

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  • 1 Black Cap

    1 Black Cap


Can we use inco pads in conjunction with the Clean Bleed™ Mat?

Yes, if you have a supply of the standard (60 x 90cm) inco pads you will be able to use them with this product. We do however recommend that you use the Limbs & Things pads as they allow for a more even flow of fluids, and can be used multiple times.


Will the bag hold up under a variety of clinical scenarios?

The Clean Bleed™ bag is produced using a durable, tear resistant material. This allows it to be used on or under medical training equipment, as well as being knelt or stood on by trainees when they perform examinations.


What procedures can the Clean Bleed™ Mat be used to demonstrate?

Any scenario or clinical procedure where the external blood flow or blood (or any other fluid) is a critical signal to act and intervene. For example, low flow bleeds from head or peripheral trauma to high flow bleeds such post-partum hemorrhages and post-operative bleeds.