Product No. 50132

Gall Bladder with Wide Common Bile Duct & Stones for Exploration


A series of 4 highly realistic models of increasing complexity for structured and staged training in gall bladder removal. Trainees progress from the Surgical Dissection Pads to this range of Gall Bladders.



  • The 4 variations of gall bladder provide increased levels of difficulty, and the element of surprise is introduced & controlled
  • All vessels and the gall bladder are fluid filled


  • Highly realistic view through the laparoscope, and the tissue response to cutting and dissection is convincing


  • When running a course, the used component can be removed and replaced with a new one in seconds
  • Incorporates a luer lock to which the Mock Blood Giving Set (60651) may be attached to provide fluid flow for the appendicular artery. Use Mock Blood - Arterial (250ml) (60653).


  • Contains Latex

Skills Gained

  • Incision and dissection of the visceral peritoneal layer
  • Division and mobilization of vessels
  • Ligation of cystic artery and cystic duct
  • Removal of gall bladder
  • Visualization and recognition of anatomical landmarks and organ variations
  • All 7 skills defined for the Surgical Dissection Pad, within this procedure
  • Cholangiogram catheter insertion and stone retrieval
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    Gall Bladder with Wide Common Bile Duct & Stones for Exploration

    Product No. 50132

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