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Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module (CD&E) - PROMPT Flex (Dark Skin Tone)

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The Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module for the Birthing Simulator - PROMPT Flex allows for the training in the assessment and management of both the latent and active first stages of labor.

Compatible with both Standard and Advanced PROMPT models, the module is able to provide a true-to-life learning experience, covering a number of skills required by medical professionals. This is achieved through the use of interchangeable cervixes (ranging from 1 -10 CM) numerous presenting parts, and amniotic membranes.

The module is compatible with our Birthing Simulator - PROMPT Flex (Standard and Advanced) , which allows for the creation of multiple simulated labor training scenarios, and is an ideal training solution for all skills relating to both routine and emergency deliveries. The birthing simulator may be used for hybrid simulation as well as stand-alone bench top training.

Built with versatility and realism in mind, the PROMPT Flex birthing simulator features a realistic pelvic floor, articulating thighs for the McRoberts procedure, a stretchable perineum, flexible birthing canal, and optional lower legs to simulate birthing in an all fours position. PROMPT flex product care is simple, and is Latex free.

Other modules that work in conjunction with both PROMPT Flex Standard and Advanced include :



  • Inserts to represent early labor cervixes effacement, dilatation and ripeness in line with Bishop’s scoring
  • Numerous presenting part inserts including flexed, deflexed, brow, face, breech, caput and molding


  • Positioning mechanism allows adjustment of station, dilation and tilt without removal from the simulator


  • Dynamic positioning mechanism allows adjustment of dilation in active labor
  • Markers allow tutor to read positioning in situ
  • Presenting parts and cervix can be set up outside the model for demonstration, then placed inside for examination


  • Latex free


  • Realistic representation of cervixes, including anterior lip, and presenting parts in soft birth canal, with palpable ischial spines

Skills Gained

  • Assessment and Bishop’s scoring of:
    • Cervical dilation (1-10cm)
    • Cervical effacement (0-100%)
    • Cervical ripeness/consistency (soft, medium, hard)
    • Cervical position (anterior, mid, posterior)
    • Foetal station (-3 to +3)
    • Assessment of and artificial rupture of membranes
    • Assessment of presenting part - flexed, deflexed, brow, face, breech, caput and moulding and caput formation
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Obstetric Training

ACGME OB/GYN Milestones (p. 8): Demonstrates basic knowledge of routine/uncomplicated intrapartum obstetrical care including, conduct of normal labor