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Postpartum Hemorrhage Module - PROMPT Flex (Light Skin Tone)

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Skin Tone:

The Postpartum Hemorrhage Module is part of a selection of optional modules to extend the use of the Advanced or Standard PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator. It is designed to allow training in the management of post-partum bleeding and offers a realistic simulation of an atonic and contracting uterus. The module is quick and easy to set up ensuring that no teaching time is lost.

There are two manual hand pumps supplied. The first pump pushes air into the uterus to allow the user to massage the uterus and mimic uterus contractions. The second is connected to a pressurised blood flow system which allows the flow of blood loss to be controlled manually simulating a hemorrhage.

Postpartum Hemorrhage Module features:

Boggy uterus - Contracts when effective fundal massage is applied and provides haptic feedback to users of the success or failure of intervention.

Realistic Blood loss - Capable of demonstrating up to 2.5 litres of blood loss but is adjustable to the desired level of hemorrhaging.

Hemostatic Balloon insertion and management – Trainees are able to use a Bakri balloon which can be inserted and inflated to reduce/stop the hemorrhaging and allows a trainee to become familiar with clinical equipment

Bi-manual compression – The ability to physically contract the uterus by hand via internal compressions of the uterine wall.

Intramuscular Injections can be performed on this module

The blood used with this product now contains a new preservative which is approved for use by EU cosmetic regulations which means that, once diluted, it is safe for extended skin contact.

We still recommend the use of gloves, as the pigments may stain skin and clothes.



  • Simulate and manage a postpartum hemorrhage during birth
  • Offers the functionality to perform clinical procedures such as Bi-manual compressions
  • Airflow adjustments using air bulbs simulate the regression of an atonic uterus.
  • Adjustable blood flow rate simulates the severity of the post-hemorrhage bleed.


  • Atonic uterus can simulate contraction upon fundal massage
  • Realistic bleed from the vaginal canal
  • Palpable uterus with identifiable atonic and boggy state


  • The PPH module can be quickly and easily fitted to a birthing mother – PROMPT Flex, allowing realistic timings of an atonic uterus and bleeding following birthing.


  • Clean components with a damp sponge and mild soapy water
  • Allow components to dry thoroughly before storing them away
  • Artificial blood is non-staining when used correctly


  • Use the recommended or provided simulated blood, other products may weaken or damage your simulator
  • This product is latex free
  • The blood used with this product now contains a new preservative which is approved for use by EU cosmetic regulations which means that, once diluted, it is safe for extended skin contact.
  • Recommended to use gloves, as the pigments may stain skin and clothes.

Simulated Patient

  • All products in the PROMPT Flex birthing range can be used with a simulated patient


  • Uterus (can represent boggy and atonic)

Skills Gained

  • Management of post-partum bleeding:
    • Fundal massage
    • Bi-manual compression
    • Hemostatic balloon insertion and management
  • Communication skills with mother when used with Simulated Patient
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Estimating blood loss
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Family Medicine

AAFP Residency Guidelines, Maternity Care (p.9): Emergencies: recognize signs and symptoms of potentially life-threatening emergencies during the peripartum period .... with obstetric consultation, co-manage placental abruption/hemorrhage



How difficult is it to attach the PPH Module to the PROMPT Birthing simulator?
The PPH module can be set up quickly and easily in just a few minutes, ensuring that limited time is taken away from teaching. Simply, unclip the ring clamp and attach the uterus module before attaching the skin cover.

What are the ongoing costs associated with the PPH Module
Blood refills can be purchased as a 250ml concentration that dilutes to 2.5 litres. The diluted blood can be recollected and reused. (Attach link)

Is the postpartum Hemorrhage module reusable?
Yes, the PPH module is fully reusable as the module was designed to only require artificial blood and air. The procedures involved do not cause damage to the module over time, allowing it to be reused.

Does the Postpartum hemorrhage module come with blood?
Yes, this module comes with a concentrated venous blood starter pack (250ml), which can be diluted to provide 2.5 litres of artificial blood. If refills are required they can be purchased separately.