Product No. 60171

Male Rectal Examination Trainer - Advanced

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This brand new trainer offers realistic, repeatable training in the core skill of digital rectal or PR examination.

The Advanced model comes with a range of prostates and 2 perineums, allowing trainees to become familiar with normal and abnormal findings and acquire key diagnostic skills.



  • Simulation of sphincter contraction allows trainees to assess anal tone
  • Interchangeable prostates can be quickly and easily inserted, out of sight of the trainee
  • Left lateral positioning
  • Addition of impacted fecal matter allows trainees to recognise and distinguish this common finding
  • High quality illustration pack of 9 external anal conditions
  • Both the Advanced and Standard (60170) model offer a contractible anal sphincter, allowing for anal tone assessment, and a fecal impaction clip in module
  • External ano-rectal illustrations are ideal for incorporation into scenarios and OSCE assessments


  • Soft, partable buttocks
  • Realistic anus with resting tone and ability to contract


  • Trainer can also be presented in a 'semi-standing' position using the optional Standing Position Stand (60172)


  • Latex free


  • Buttocks, anus, rectum, prostate and perineum
  • Pathological perineum - with polyp and rectal cancer
  • 4 abnormal prostates:
    • Benign unilateral enlarged
    • Benign bilateral enlarged
    • Unilateral carcinoma
    • Bilateral carcinoma

Skills Gained

  • Digital examination of the anus, rectum and prostate
  • Assessment of anal tone
  • Identification of faecal matter in the rectum
  • Identification of external ano-rectal conditions
  • Professional to patient communication
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    Male Rectal Examination Trainer Base Unit

    Product No. 60177

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  • Product Image

    Left Lateral Stand

    Product No. 60174

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  • Product Image

    Normal Perineum with Anal Tone

    Product No. 60175

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  • Product Image

    Pathological Perineum with Anal Tone

    Product No. 60176

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  • Product Image

    Normal Prostate

    Product No. 60179

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    External Conditions Illustration Pack

    Product No. 60173

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  • Product Image

    Benign Unilateral Enlarged Prostate

    Product No. 60180

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  • Product Image

    Benign Bilateral Enlarged Prostate

    Product No. 60181

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  • Product Image

    Unilateral Carcinoma Prostate

    Product No. 60182

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  • Product Image

    Bilateral Carcinoma Prostate

    Product No. 60183

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  • Product Image

    Impacted Fecal Matter

    Product No. 60184

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  • Lubricant


Comparison Product No.
What's included 60170 60171
60177 Base Unit Yes Yes
60174 Left Lateral Stand Yes Yes
60175 Normal Perineum with Anal Tone Yes Yes
60176 Pathological Perineum with Anal Tone No Yes
60179 Normal Prostate Yes Yes
60180 Benign Unilateral Enlarged Prostate No Yes
60181 Benign Bilateral Enlarged Prostate No Yes
60182 Unilateral Carcinoma Prostate No Yes
60183 Bilateral Carcinoma Prostate No Yes
60184 Impacted Faecal Matter Yes Yes
60173 External Conditions Illustration Pack No Yes
- Lubricant Yes Yes


Undergraduate Medicine

Undergraduate Medicine - AAMC (2008) - Recommendations for Preclerkship Clinical Skills Education for Undergraduate Medical Education p.26

Postgraduate Nursing

Family Medicine

General Surgery Specialist Training