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Advanced Male Catheterization Trainer

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This product will be discontinued in 2020

The Advanced Male Catheterization Trainer allows the trainee to learn urethral and supra-pubic catheterization, as well as how to demonstrate self-catheterization to patients (using the optional Self Catheterization Stand). It has accurate male urethral anatomy that is realistically soft and compliant. The feel of the catheter passing along the urethra into the bladder corresponds closely to real life.



  • 1500 ml fluid bag on stand provides pressurized fluid flow
  • Syringe supplied with water-based lubricant to simulate proprietary local anesthetic gel
  • Non-drip Valve
  • Reusable double-sleeve catheter packaging is supplied for teaching aseptic catheter handling


  • Supple urethra and resistant sphincter providing realistic response


  • Skin surface washable with soap and water


  • Product is latex free (catheters provided contain latex)


Realistic meatus, flaccid penis and replaceable foreskin


Skills Gained

  • Correct handling of male anatomy
  • Aseptic catheterization technique
  • Catheter placement: accepts catheters from 14-16 French
  • Fluid management
  • Withdrawal of catheter 
  • Intermittent self-catheterization (ISC) when used with the optional Self-Catheterization Stand
  • Suprapubic catheter insertion and catheter management using Suprapubic Bung


Product No.

Skills 60151 60155 60166 60150
Correct handling of anatomy:        
Female No Yes Yes Yes
Male Yes No Yes Yes
Aseptic catheterization technique Yes Yes Yes Yes
Catheter placement:        
Accepts catheters from 12-16 French (female) No Yes Yes Yes
Accepts catheters from 14-16 French (male) Yes No Yes Yes
Fluid management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Withdrawal of catheter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intermittent self-catheterization (ISC) when used with the optional Self-Catheterization Stand  Yes Yes No Yes
Suprapubic catheter insertion and catheter management using Suprapubic Bung Yes Yes No Yes
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    Mock LA Gel with Syringe

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    Milton Sterilizing Fluid 500 ml (Anti-Fungal)

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    Male Catheterization Unit

    Product No. 60152

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    Catheterization Foreskin (Pack of 3)

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    Suprapubic Bung (Pack of 2)

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    Male Catheterization Sphincter Kit

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    Aseptic Catheterization Sleeves

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    Standard Bung

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  • Pelvic shell

    Pelvic shell

  • Drip tray with bag stand and 1500 ml fluid bag

    Drip tray with bag stand and 1500 ml fluid bag

  • Plastic kidney dish

    Plastic kidney dish

  • 14 French foley catheter

    14 French foley catheter

  • 2-Liter jug

    2-Liter jug

  • Carry case

    Carry case


Product No.

What's included 60151 60155 60166 60150
60152 Male Catheterization Unit Yes No Yes Yes
60156 Female Catheterization Unit No Yes Yes Yes
60154 Catheterization Foreskin x3 Yes No Yes Yes
60161 Standard Bung Yes Yes x2 x2
60158 Suprapubic Bung Yes Yes No x2
60159 Male catheterization sphincter kit Yes No Yes Yes
60162 Female catheterization sphincter kit No Yes Yes Yes
60160 Aseptic Catheterization Sleeves x2 x2 x4 x2
50183 Mock LA Gel with Syringe Yes Yes x2 Yes
50185 Milton Sterilizing Fluid (500 ml) Yes Yes x2 Yes
- Drip tray with bag stand & 1500 ml fluid bag Yes Yes x2 Yes
- 12 French foley catheter (female) No Yes Yes Yes
- 14 French foley catheter (male) Yes No Yes Yes
- Pelvic shell Yes Yes x2 Yes
- Plastic kidney dish Yes Yes x2 Yes
- 2 Liter jug Yes Yes x2 Yes
- Carry case Yes Yes x2 Yes


Family Medicine

AAFP Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Practice Residents, Care of the Critically Ill Adult, Reprint No. 291, 2015, p.9 11. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures g. Urinary catheter placement (urethral, suprapubic)


Undergraduate Medicine

Postgraduate Nursing