NEW The ATLAS Trainer Box and Task Kit

16 May 2022

Introducing ATLAS, an advanced minimally invasive surgery training kit.

NEW The ATLAS Trainer Box and Task Kit

We are proud to announce the launch of the Advanced Training in Laparoscopic Suturing (ATLAS) training kit, the latest edition to the Limbs & Things Range.

Developed in collaboration with the Association of Surgical Educators (ASE), ATLAS aids the training of surgical fellows to confidently handle complicated laparoscopic surgery. ATLAS provides advanced training scenarios by simulating needle handling and suturing under restricted viewing angles and manoeuvrability.

Six unique task modules allow for training in proficiency benchmarks associated with complex minimally invasive surgery. These task modules are as follows:

• Needle handling and positioning
• Forehand suturing
• Backhand suturing
• Confined space suturing
• Suturing under tension
• Continuous suturing

The innovative design means that restricted viewing angle, needle handling, manoeuvrability space, and suture tension skills can all be tested within the ATLAS trainer.

To find out more, visit the product page.

For more information and instructions on the ATLAS tasks, visit the Advanced Training in Laparoscopic Suturing website.