IMSH Learning Lab: Trends in OB Education with Dr. Shad Deering

03 February 2021

Trends in OB Education: No bells or whistles, just effective training using the PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator. Feb. 3rd 11-12pm EST / 10-11pm CST


03 February 2021
Time: 11-12pm EST / 10-11pm CST

IMSH Virtual 2021

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IMSH Learning Lab: Trends in OB Education with Dr. Shad Deering

Dr. Deering will present current trends, guidelines and resources available for improving global OB care without the price tag of a high fidelity manikin. Using the PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator, Dr. Deering will demonstrate how to effectively teach OB teams to work together, communicate and provide safe care for all patients, regardless of color or socioeconomic status. With his experience of teaching thousands of teams around the world, Dr. Deering's engaging style will pull you in from the start.

  • Discuss Racial Disparity in Obstetrics and how to teach diversity in your program
  • Understand the new JCAHO requirements for ongoing education of OB teams
  • Review concepts of teamwork and communication for simulated cases complicated by shoulder dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage, umbilical cord prolapse, and vaginal breech delivery using the PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator
  • Summarize resources available for teaching and practicing safe obstetrical care

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