Work with us

Design Engineer




- Develop L&T products – you may be working alone or in a team.

- Plan and manage all work accurately.

- Communicate intentions and progress.


- Produce fully working high quality prototypes.

- Run evaluations sessions, write reports and manage modifications.

- Produce product and part spec drawings for QC. 

- Write a fully costed BOMs

- Write detailed assembly instructions

- Define the tooling and manufacturing solutions.

- Present project plans that indicate to others the scope and scale of the work.

- Define lead-times and milestone deadlines.

- If managing a team allocate tasks and monitor progress.


- Excellent prototypes that work well.

- Generate constructive feedback on the performance on the product.

- Provide Production with all the information they need to accurately manufacture the parts/products

- Design and produce all tooling for new products.

- Liaise with external tool makers and in-house tooling team

- Project plans defined and circulated to other departments.

- Deadlines met and projects progress on schedule.

- All team members meet their deadlines.

- Projects completed on time.

- Use email, meetings etc to keep all relevant staff informed.

- Make sure that critical information regarding the product is written down and passed on the relevant member of staff


2 years minimum experience

Ability to plan projects well and deliver projects on time and to spec.

Proven Solidworks CAD experience and qualifications.

Ability to solve complex design & engineering problems.

Creative in their approach to problem solving and design.

Be able to communicate ideas via drawings, models and sculpts & 3D CAD.

Ability to build strong relationships with internal staff and sub-contractors.

Be organised and systematic in their approach to the work.

  • Academically trained in Product Design, Industrial Design or Design Engineering.