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Dehisced Wound Board - Dark

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The Dehisced Wound Board allows for cleansing, measurement and dressing changes to dehisced wounds. The easily portable trainer is an ideal tool for competency testing in a healthcare simulation setting.



  • Anatomically accurate model for teaching the identification, care and dressing of dehisced wounds
  • Hand painted trainer, which features a stapled wound with both undermining and tunnelling evident
  • Negative pressure dressing can be applied
  • No adhesive residue
  • Easily portable


  • Life-like feel and flexible material
  • Available in light and dark skin-tones


  • Do not use ointments or dressings that contain silver, as they may stain the model

Skills Gained

  • Facilitates routine cleansing and dressing changes
  • Patient ointments, standard dressings and vacuum assisted or negative pressure wound therapy devices can be demonstrated and practiced
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    Dehisced Wound Board - Dark

    Product No. VTA3303

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Acute Care

Acute Care Common Stem Core Training Programme (p. 200): These practical procedures are 1 Airway maintenance 2 Primary survey 3 Wound care 4 Fracture/ joint manipulation 5 Plus one other practical procedure from the list.

Wound Care

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