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Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer

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This realistic skills trainer facilitates the instruction and practice in the management of open abdominal wounds with active fistulas.



  • Any combination of the 3 fistulas can be opened to allow effluent flow
  • Integral base is designed with tray to hold up to 700 ml of fluid
  • Proprietary skin allows standard dressings to be applied
  • Support rod holds 500ml effluent fluid bag


  • Soft abdomen with open wound and exposed intestines
  • 3 fistulas
    • 1 central stomatized fistula (easily observable)
    • 1 non-stomatized fistula
    • 1 hidden fistula (not readily observable)
  • Skin fold creases

Skills Gained

  • Competency & confidence in stoma identification
  • Identifying the source of effluent flow
  • Management of drainage
  • Employment of wound dressing materials and techniques (including negative pressure wound therapy)
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General Surgery Training

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum, General Surgery, Jul 2013 p 84 diagnosis, and management of enterocutaneous fistulae p 206 Competency in the management of stomas. Knowledge of the physiology of different stomas.p. 223 A-V fistula ligation

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