Product No. TCTNB100

TruNerve Block

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TruNerve Block is a 3-in-1 learning module designed for trainee anaesthetists to develop, practice and maintain the necessary skills to perform ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia and vascular access procedures. The model features a fractured bone structure, embedded vessels, and additional nerve bundles for regional anaesthesia.





  • Positive fluid flow when vessels are accurately accessed
  • 1000+ needle incisions with self-healing regenerating material 
  • Needle tracks disappear with very minimal damage to the material
  • Colour doppler detection of blood flow


  • Realistic needle tip identification and artefact
  • Realistic blood flashback upon entry into the vessel
  • Real feel vascular 'tenting' upon entry into the vessel
  • A unique fully integrated fluid management system to replicate blood flow


  • Longitudinal and transverse anatomical viewing options
  • High frequency linear array ultrasound probe can be used on the model


  • Cleaning instructions can be found in the product user-guide


  • Contains epidermal layer, two simulated vessels, a nerve bundle, a fractured bone and fascia layers

Skills Gained

  • Probe positioning and movement
  • Recognition of arterial and vein vessels and nerves in soft responsive tissue
  • Using ultrasound to target a nerve for ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia
  • Ability to verify needle tip location and to practise the entire regional anaesthesia procedure
  • Visualising of the artery and vein laterally beside the nerve 
  • Fracture assessment detection of a fracture and diagnosing bone stress injury