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TruMonitor App for Android: License for one instructor and one student

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The TruCorp TruMonitor App is an easy-to-use training platform that simulates a patient monitoring device on your Android tablet. The App can be used in conjunction with task trainers and simulated patients, where a teacher is then able to create reactive training scenarios for individuals or groups of students.

Suitable for use in: undergraduate exams, OCSE component of postgraduate membership, and ALS, ACLS and APLS courses.




  • Can be used on a standalone device, or on a pair of devices where the two devices work in unison to create medical scenarios that facilitate a reactive learning experience
  • Trend feature allows the instructor to focus on observing the student
  • Change, enable or disable parameters as needed, based on the student’s treatment decisions
  • Includes a lifetime licence for all future software updates and support
  • Easy to create complex medical scenarios
  • Harnesses the ability to introduce lab results as the scenario evolves
  • Incorporates cardiac arrest options
  • Adjust patient vital signs in real time
  • Sound effect library includes airway obstruction, secretions, stridor, laryngospasm and more
  • ECG, X-ray and images can be sent to student device
  • Access your own camera roll to upload radiology, protocols and clinical images to the training scenario
  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin






Skills Gained

  • Helps trainees identify latent threats within healthcare
  • Real-time CPR feedback
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    TruMonitor App for Android: License for one instructor and one student

    Product No. TCTMAPP02

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