Product No. OS13-001

OphthoSim™ Ophthalmoscopy Training & Simulation Unit

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OphthoSim™ is highly effective in training students to recognise and diagnose eye pathologies through dynamic hands-on experience and interaction with the extensive software content.
OphthoSim™ can be purchased as a stand-alone unit, or as an upgrade to the OtoSim™ Otoscopy system.



  • Database of over 200 high resolution images allows for numerous training scenarios
  • Verifies student progress as the ophthalmoscope’s movements and orientation are tracked by the instructor to complete the learning feedback loop
  • Includes training modules and testing routines to practise and evaluate technique
  • Landmarking function in the software allows the instructor to highlight specific characteristics of pathologies as they are viewed by the student
  • OphthoSim™ is interoperable with the OtoSim™ platform
  • Ability to examine both the right and left eyes


  • The supplied OphthoSim™ Ophthalmoscope is instrumented to detect the user’s movement and orientation and control the display of the appropriate retinal region
  • Eye geometry realistically replicates the magnification of lens in the human eye and different clinical conditions
  • Adjustable iris that dilates and constricts to add complexity


  • Free OphthoSim Companion app available to be downloaded from AppleStore or Google Play
  • OphthoSim Educators Toolkit(TM) allows the users to add their own images to the pathology database (sold separately)


  • Retinal pathologies include:
    • Normal retinas
    • Diabetic retinopathy
    • Hypertensive retinopathy
    • Papilledemas
    • Retinal vascular disease
    • Retinal detachment
    • Age related macular degeneration
    • Tumours
    • Glaucoma
    • Optic neuropathies
    • Trauma
  • Base unit

    Base unit

  • Eye piece

    Eye piece

  • Instrumented Ophthalmoscope

    Instrumented Ophthalmoscope

  • Control box

    Control box

  • Software package & manual on USB Key

    Software package & manual on USB Key

  • Protective hard cases

    Protective hard cases

  • 1-Year warranty

    1-Year warranty



Physician Associate

NHS National Practitioner Program: Matrix Specification for the Physician Associate (2016). p.124: Perform full examination including acuity, eye movements, visual fields, fundoscopy, related cranial nerves and structures of head & neck