Product No. OS11-002

OtoSim 2™ Otoscopy Training & Simulation System

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OtoSim 2™ is an integrated system that dynamically improves the accuracy of diagnosing pathologies of the ear through experiential and interactive learning.

Both students and current professionals can practise to improve their knowledge base of ear pathologies and otoscope technique.



  • Proprietary database of over 380 high-resolution images of various ear pathologies
  • Accompanying detailed educational descriptions and histology images
  • Landmarking function to highlight specific features to be viewed by the student through an otoscope, encouraging student/instructor interactions
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use graphic interface
  • On/off function to capture student’s attention
  • A built-in virtual instructor for additional student self-learning and practise 


  • Unique optics enables OtoSim to project a 1cm / 0.39 inch  wide image of the tympanic membrane - a realistic clinical scenario.
  • Instrumented to detect the user’s movement and displays the viewed region of the ear drum


  • Sufficient content and quizzes for student self-tutorial
  • Multiplexing function - connect up to 14 OtoSim units at the same time to deliver a consistent message and efficiently use instructor time
  • Free OtoSim Companion app available to be downloaded from AppleStore or Google Play
  • OtoSim Educators Toolkit(TM) allows the users to add their own images to the pathology database (sold separately)


  • Realistic ear geometry- ear form with realistic shape and feel
  • Tympanic membrane
  • Adult and paediatric ears both left and right geometries available

Skills Gained

  • Practise otoscopy skills with monocular vision
  • Proper landmark identification
  • Enhance your otoscopy diagnostic accuracy
  • OtoSim 2™ Software & Manual on USB key

    OtoSim 2™ Software & Manual on USB key

  • Adult Right & Left Earform

    Adult Right & Left Earform

  • Control box

    Control box

  • Instrumented Otoscope

    Instrumented Otoscope

  • 2 Protective hard cases

    2 Protective hard cases

  • 1-Year warranty

    1-Year warranty



Physician Associate

NHS National Practitioner Program: Matrix Specification for the Physician Associate (2016). p.45: Ear Disorders: Acute otitis media; Earwax impaction; Acute labyrinthitis; Otitis externa; Vertigo; Chronic otitis media; Mastoiditis; Meniere’s disease; Barotrauma; Hearing impairment; Tympanic membrane perforation