Product No. KKMW45

Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection Simulator

Developed in response to training needs for COVID-19 identification and the collection of other respiratory specimens such as influenza, this model allows for the training of both nasal and pharyngeal swab collection.

The angled adult head and shoulders allow for pharyngeal swab training, where trainees can accurately learn the skill of tongue depression as the swab is taken.

For nasal swabs, the accuracy of key skill acquisition can be identified as the swab will appear pigmented when it is in the right position in the nasal cavity (with differing profiles in the left and right nostril). To aid the learner's understanding of the procedure, a cross sectional anatomical model is included.



  • Easy to use model which gives learners and teachers confidence in skill acquisition
  • Positive recognition of the accuracy of nasal swabs
  • Avoiding teaching false negatives


  • Differing left and right nostrils allow for training in anatomical nasal passages


  • Affordable accurate training can take place to gain confidence and increase accuracy of swab collection


  • Latex free


  • Anatomically accurate representation of adult head
  • A tethered tongue allows for the student to manage the skill of tongue depression whilst taking a swab

Skills Gained

  • Collection of diagnostic respiratory specimens
  • Skills of tongue depression whilst pharyngeal swabbing
  • Head and Shoulders

    Head and Shoulders

  • Cross Sectional Model

    Cross Sectional Model

  • Syringe (30ml)

    Syringe (30ml)

  • Disposable Cup

    Disposable Cup

  • Swabs for Coloring

    Swabs for Coloring

  • Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual



Laboratory investigations and sample requirements for diagnosis

Upper respiratory tract sample(s): single swab used for throat then nose into one pot of viral transport medium; a viral nose swab and a viral throat swab combined into one pot of viral transport medium, or a nasopharyngeal aspirate in a universal transport pot. Bacterial or charcoal swabs are not suitable. Public Health England, 2020

Covid-19 virus testing in NHS laboratories

Nasopharyngeal specimen collection for Covid-19 testing