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Obstetric Examination trainer

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The Obstetric Examination Simulator is a representation of a 39 to 40-week pregnant woman. The model enables trainees to learn key prenatal check-up skills, including Leopold’s maneuvers and CPD assessment (Seitz Method) through palpation of the foetus, foetal heart auscultation and abdominal measurement.

Wirelessly controlled sounds recorded by a Doppler monitor and a conventional stethoscope allow teachers or trainees to activate and customise foetal heart sounds and the sound of umbilical blood flow.



  • Soft and elastic tissue material provides a realistic sensation of palpation
  • Authentic foetal heart sounds recorded are from real patients
  • Maternal body measurement to estimate foetal weight, development and any change in the volume of the amniotic fluid can be performed on the manikin


  • Foetal landmarks such as the head, buttocks and the trunk facilitate the ability to assess foetal lie, presentation and position, as well as the degree of foetal descent
  • Anatomically correct pelvis and foetus


  • The height of the foetal head against the pubic symphysis can be altered to provide a different scenario for CPD assessment (Seitz method)


Anatomically correct landmarks include:

  • Pubic symphysis
  • The navel
  • The xiphoid process
  • Iliac crest
  • Greater trochanters

Skills Gained

  • Leopoldʼs maneuvers
  • CPD assessment
  • Foetal heart auscultation
  • Auscultation with a Pinard stethoscope on the maternal abdomen
  • Listening of Doppler monitor sounds through the external speaker
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