Product No. KKM59

Male Newborn Bathing & Nursery Care Model

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This model is a life-size manikin for a 0-4 week old infant that replicate the weight and anatomy of a newborn with palpable fontanels.



  • Lifelike and life-size:
    • height: 20 in
    • weight: approx. 6.7 lbs
    • head circumference: 13 in
  • Waterproof, one-piece structure
  • Removable umbilical cord


  • Realistic weight and balance of a newborn baby
  • Head will fall back without support encouraging correct handling
  • Anterior and posterior fontanelles are palpable
  • Limbs are made of a supple material allowing trainees to practice baby care procedures realistically

Skills Gained

  • Bathing
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Bottle-feeding
  • Ear and nose care
  • Diaper and clothing changing
  • Physical measurement
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    Male Newborn Bathing & Nursery Care Model

    Product No. KKM59

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