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Colonoscopy Training Model

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Designed for practicing colonoscope handling and techniques.
It presents a wide range of challenges to trainees performing a colonoscopy, from simple and uncomplicated cases to difficult and sensitive variations. Providing the necessary training required to avoid patient pain and discomfort during an examination.



  • Primary Level Cases:
    • Case 1: Introductory Level 1 - simple layout appropriate for first-time trainees
    • Case 2: Introductory Level 2 - as 1 with longer sigmoid colon. An essential training step before moving on to actual patients
    • Case 3: Straighten out the "Alpha" loop - still a simple layout, with a naturally formed "Alpha" loop in a longer sigmoid colon. With insertion, the colonscope naturally forms an "Alpha" loop, and advances towards the splenic flexure
  • Secondary Level Cases:
    • Case 4: Redundant sigmoid colon, "N" loop formation and long transverse colon - a challenging layout, with difficult-to-shorten sigmoid colon and drooping transverse colon
    • Case 5: Redundant sigmoid colon and "Alpha" loop formation - an "Alpha" loop is formed by the redundant sigmoid colon, therefore passing through the sigmoid colon by shortening method is extremely challenging
  • Advanced Level
    • Case 6: "Reverse Alpha" loop formation - because of the significantly redundant sigmoid colon, a "reverse alpha" loop is formed by insertion of the colonscope

Skills Gained

  • Colonoscope insertion and withdrawal
  • Insufflation and suction of colon
  • Manipulation of colonoscope
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  • Instruction manual and training guide

    Instruction manual and training guide

  • Abdominal shell

    Abdominal shell

  • Abdominal skin

    Abdominal skin

  • Plastic bottle

    Plastic bottle

  • Stand


  • Rubber sheet

    Rubber sheet

  • Storage case

    Storage case



General Surgery Training

GMC General Surgery curriculum (p.117): Sigmoidoscopy-rigid; Sigmoidoscopy-flexible; Colonoscopy-diagnostic; Colonoscopy-therapeutic - insertion of PEC button