Product No. HEL-LT018

Helago HD Laparoscopic Trainer

£7,280.00 Price does not include taxes or delivery

This versatile laparoscopic trainer incorporates a full HD/1080p digital camera with a 22” LCD screen.It also features additional video output for connection to a digital projector or another monitor.

Software is supplied to enable video capture of laparoscopic tasks for subsequent analysis and discussion.



  • 16 instrument ports including 4 ports for single port techniques
  • Uncovered operating field allows for the trainee to directly observe the task performed inside the trainer (3D vision)
  • Covered operating field (shown in image) obscures direct vision forcing the trainee to use the screen (2D vision)
  • Transparent laparoscopic ‘torso’ allows for both uncovered and covered operating fields: simply pick it up and turn it around


  • USB interface allows for PC connection
  • Full HD video capture capabilities through software provided
  • Open ends of ‘torso’ provide quick and easy access when changing laparoscopic components

Skills Gained

  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Use of laparoscopic instruments
  • Techniques and skills depending on the laparoscopic product used inside the trainer
  •  Laparoscopic ‘torso’

    Laparoscopic ‘torso’

  •  23” LED monitor

    23” LED monitor

  •  Display unit with stand

    Display unit with stand

  • Performance Assessment Software (PASS)

    Performance Assessment Software (PASS)

  •  Maryland forceps

    Maryland forceps

  • Metzenbaum scissors

    Metzenbaum scissors

  •  Accessories: Skills Set (4 tasks), specimen tray, suturing set

    Accessories: Skills Set (4 tasks), specimen tray, suturing set



General Surgery Training

GMC General Surgery Curriculum (p.87): To understand the principles of laparoscopic surgery including technical aspects and common complications; Technology of video imaging, cameras. Laparoscopic instruments, clips, staplers and port types Diagnostic laparoscopy; Laparoscopic suturing and knotting; Control of laparoscopic bleeding


Urology Surgery Training